Monday, August 30, 2010

We're off and either running or on the run!

Here's where we are on my brother's status: He is still doing better than they expected but due to complications, perhaps from the resuscitation efforts, his rib cage may have damage, therefore, to help him breathe without so much effort they have returned him to the ventilator. The current plan would trend to a type of longer term rehabilitation, then heart surgery, and perhaps a return to some level of normalcy. This, of course, is being updated as we go and its not possible to really know at this time. So many have been so kind to ask, and to send their thoughts of support, and the many prayers are greatly appreciated.


Hello there. That's okay. You didn't have to go to so much trouble. Community will be fine, thanks. Not a bad way to get everything woke up and working, wouldn't you agree? Happy Monday on this August 30, 2010. As you know we've been rather busy lately but don't think for a moment I didn't take notice of the 67 degree morning we had last week. I do know how to drive down the road with the windows open. May we all breathe a sigh of relief in anticipation and hope that this little preview will usher in some more of the same, real soon, please! People with Type 2 Diabetes are now linked to an increased potential for Alzheimer's. According to a lady in the waiting room last week her mom has that disease but she called it All Timers. Before you jump the gun and say that explains a lot in my situation, it's actually even more serious because they say that 50% of Americans in the target age group are either pre-diabetic or are already dealing with Type 2. If Granny Mac had just used something other than that lard maybe things would be different. Just joking. I think the golden arches and all the other signs we could name most likely has more to do with this development than anything else. Yes I know. Just because they have them doesn't mean you have to go there and ingest it all. However, whenever you change the culture, add speed to everything in terms of running to and fro, blow out the economy, and create an environment where everyone feels they are always perpetually late, well, many folks tend to have what they see as little choice but to live out their days in a drive through lane. Like I have heard as far back as I can remember, "It's always something!"

In case you missed it last week, our country's economy is headed in the right direction. This is according to Vice President Biden. Am I the only one or do you also get the heebee jeebees every time this dude speaks? If he is supposed to be the cheerleader for getting us back on track, he more than most might just drive America back to her knees in prayer. By the way, I'm not one, and I would hope you are not also, who is cheering for our economy to continue to fail. I want our country to prosper. I want everyone who needs a job to have one. I want to see us return to stability and growth. Some who espouse conservatism as their mantra come across sometimes as promoting continued economic pain as a way of gaining political advantage. I hate that. Why? Because there are men, women, boys and girls suffering and they are in need of relief. When you begin to evaluate the connecting cascading impacts from the devaluation of our homes, the stress of long term unemployment, and the general malaise that grips our nation, its hard to fathom someone saying we are heading in the right direction. According to a cross section of polling, the American people, by a huge landslide, say they believe whatever is going on it is overwhelmingly in the wrong direction. I suppose we all need to wake up and smell the coffee or perhaps line up for our taste of the Kool Aid that causes people to say things like we're going in the right direction.

You can be sure that politics came up in the waiting room last week. For some reason the TV was set to FOX News even though 90% of those there were unlikely viewers of that channel. Something was said about a current hot topic issue and one fellow volunteered that he knew absolutely nothing about it, did not want to know about it, and had done his best to have no idea at all what was going on in the political realm. He said he worked hard to stay out of touch because all of it is such a downer. That reminds me of my children when we used to play hide and seek when they were very young. They felt like if they could not see you then you could not see them. The fact that this fellow was untouched by knowing anything about what is going on around him certainly does not mean he will end up being unseen or untouched by the ramifications that are at stake. This fellow obviously has not learned the lesson of the proverb: "He who hides his head in the sand usually gets kicked in the end." However, that is his choice and we do live in a country where we are free to make choices like that. Some regimes force people to not only be involved but to vote and when they do to vote a certain way or pay the consequences. Here, we can debate the elements of what makes a good citizen, but in the end, each person can make their own choice. I choose active engagement but that's just me. Is this a great country, or what? Yes it is my friends! Amen. .....More later.

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