Monday, August 9, 2010

This and that, and the other thing also!

Time to wake up and deal with it. It will not go away. Might as well slap some cold water on that face and grab hold of the life that has been given to you. How's that for some empty sayings to help get your attention? It is Monday, August 9, 2010 and I am doing my very best impression of someone who is bright eyed and busy tailed as I anticipate the day. One day last week I climbed into the company truck and the young fellow who had been driving it left the radio on a station playing RAP music. I did leave it on as long as I could. I did my best to figure out what was being said, sung, chanted, or whatever it is they were doing. I caught a word here and there and some of them surprised me that they were being played on the radio. I don't know what you get for trying but I did try. I looked up RAP as in music and found out it came from what was an African American genre of music where rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment. Wow! I could understand this when I read the definition but there's no way I could make sense out of it when I was trying to listen to it. One thing I did learn. Obviously it helps to have it loud enough to rattle the windows because that's how loud it was inside the truck. Let the record show that in my 63rd year here on the planet, soon to be my 64th, I, of somewhat sound mind and a less so body, did in fact do my best to engage the culture by attempting to listen to this calamitous noise that passes itself off as music. You Eminem fans need not write me because I even had to look up his name to use it and I'm not being critical, I'm just sharing The View From Here.

You hear it said all the time, be careful what you wish for. This saying reflects the thing we learn in life and that is how that regardless of what it is we purchase or achieve, work and strive for, there's typically always some issues that come with it. These are usually not seen before hand but they are there and it just takes time to have them make their presence known. I used to work with a guy that was fairly prosperous but his wife was always pushing him to move up, at work, and in upgrading his status. Therefore, they purchased a home in a neighborhood that was fairly exclusive. My friend did not have an exclusive bone in his body. He was accustomed to doing more or less what he wanted to do with his own property. This is not how it works when you have something called deed restrictions because they dictate what you can and cannot do. Well, he didn't follow the letter of the law and the entire situation became a disaster that cost him a lot of money to make things right, and this didn't include all the wailing and gnashing that went on with him, his wife, and the attorneys. They most likely did not think about all of this when they played that moving up tune from the old TV sitcom about a black family, The Jeffersons. This is a good object lesson for us all because Jesus told us that a life that counts for time and eternity does not define itself by the abundance of one's possessions. (See Luke 12:15)

But we've all been there and done that! Right? And, many of us are classic slow learners. That happens because of our condition. The human condition. Don't be alarmed because God tells us that He knows how weak we are from the inside out, but He says He pities us like a human father pities his children. (See Psalm 139, read it all, it's amazing!) When those of us who consider ourselves to be high mileage vehicles look in the mirror and remember some of our biggest blunders, it's good to know that Creator God loves and forgives. That's exactly what He said through the Apostle John in that small 1st letter he penned, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (Chapter 1, Verse 9) That's a great verse to remember when we get down and out about how often we have missed it. We say should have and could have but didn't, but He stands ready to welcome us back into that place of safety and rest, just like He did through the imagery of that returning prodigal as found in Luke's Gospel, Chapter 15. If you are a believer and have been made a child of the living God through the transforming power of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, then you are exactly that, a son or daughter of God Himself. Because of this unchangeable relationship, He showed Himself to be running out to embrace His wayward son. Now that's something we can get hold of that will help us to have a prosperous week in the Lord. I encourage us all to go for it! Amen. .....More later.

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