Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“Have patience—remember how you will want someone to treat you when you reach the time when you need a caregiver!” — Linda D., Posted on a senior living blog

Let's see if we can get this day started with something other than the stuff from the 24-hour news cycle. Here's one for you: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5-6 from the New American Standard Bible) I thought of that one because my mom has often reminded me of it over the years. It's Tuesday, January 24, 2017, and I'm still doing a debrief from our visit to Louisiana this past weekend. I'm thankful our youngest, Rodney, made the trip over to check on his Granny. She was very excited to see him. She held onto him for a very long time. The folks that work at that rehabilitation hospital have challenging jobs. You can tell that to some of them it's just that, a job. However, a few that we have come to know there respond to their work as if it is a calling. There's a young African American lady, maybe in her early twenties, who works as an aid. Her name is Ebony. She treats our mom like she is her very own dear relative. Most of you know the work these folks do can be very unpleasant. However, mom lights up every time this young lady comes into the room. Mom told us how that when Ebony comes in to put her to bed she always gives her a goodnight kiss. Mom feels like God Himself has provided people like this young woman and she sees it has a huge blessing. There's also another young man named Brett who is in nursing school. He works part time there at the rehab facility. He is one busy fellow. Tall and lanky, it's hard to imagine someone his age would have such a genuinely sweet bedside manner. We all noticed that. My take? These young folks stand out because they see what they are doing as making a difference in people's lives. And, they are 100% correct. I thank God for them and so many others that give of themselves in this way. Amen.

Our nephew Michael.
The wife spent the night with her sister. Rodney got himself a room at Best Western close to the rehab facility for Saturday night, so I stayed with him. We went out to eat at a local steak restaurant. We had just come in and we were waiting for our table when a young lady came up and grabbed Rodney and gave him a big hug. It was our nephew Michael and his wife Deanne. Rodney said, "What are the odds?" I thought to myself, well, they live in this area and we are over in the area where they live, so it seems reasonable that we might bump into someone we know. They were actually there to meet some folks who are talking to Michael about his potential to become their pastor. Michael has been doing fill-in preaching for some time now. He is a senior officer with the federal fire department at Fort Polk, therefore, this consideration is one they have been praying about. We visited for a few minutes. They met their guests. Rod and I enjoyed a good meal. He, being Rodney, wondered if we should stop by and ask them if they would like a round of margaritas. We laughed and he decided that might not be a great idea. I agreed. We did tell them goodnight on our way out. We continue to pray as those folks and Michael seek God's will. Amen.

You've heard me talk about the love-hate relationship I have with my grammar correction application. One of my favorite things for it to alert me of is when it puts confused before whatever problem it is languishing over. Like a confused preposition and stuff like that. In fact, it told me that I might have 'of' and 'off' confused in the second sentence of this paragraph. You would think it would have learned by now that while I am often inaccurate in my grammatical usage, I am rarely confused. I talk some to it as these flags come up, but, it doesn't talk back, and, just so you know, I do take many of the recommendations put forth. Not all. But, I would never want anyone to think I am beyond taking corrective action. I tend to think the application itself is perhaps confused about me being confused. The one I use is the free version of Grammarly. I'm just glad that it doesn't have a flag with wringing hands on it. I would likely get that one a lot. Oh well, no politics today. I hear that great sucking sound. It's not as Ross Perot famously said, "The sound of all our jobs going to Mexico because of NAFTA," It, rather, is a collective sigh of relief because I didn't cover any political shenanigans. I think I may have grunted in agreement as well. I do hope you have a great rest of the day Tuesday, and may God add His blessings to this day. Amen. ...More later.

Monday, January 23, 2017

President Barack Obama’s close friend and longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal.” January 2, 2017

These two ladies are so important to me!
New Update: She finally got to do what she has wanted to do for weeks. The wife bravely made the trip over to Louisiana to visit mom this weekend. I typically go and return on Saturday in a one-day turnaround. But with the back injury, she couldn't tolerate that much riding. Therefore, we spent the night. That gave us more time to visit mom, she was able to see her sister, and we were able to make the trip without too much pain for her. Some. But not too much. Mom is doing well, especially her mental state. She's like she was before this all happened. However, her physical situation still has a ways to go. Her doctors want her to stay longer but they have to get approval from insurance. Thankfully, dad, who is a model of devoted support, currently has sisters JoAnn and Frances there to help. Mom is thankful for that and for all the prayers and support.

Welcome one and all to today's edition, on this Monday, January 23, 2017. Former President Obama had trouble leaving the stage. One pundit said it's pretty hard to say goodbye if the recipient doesn't actually leave. I read the soundbites from Obama's last press conference. By now we are pretty much used to his focus on himself. Many news media folks count the number of times he refers to himself and that number can be staggering. In last Wednesday's final conference he said something that caused me to laugh out loud. Not LOL, really, laughing. As it were, out loud. He challenged the White House press corp to hold the new President's feet to the fire in the same way they did his. Are you kidding me? Even one of their own described that final press conference as a last chance for the reporters to kiss the ring of the President. I didn't say that. One thing is clear. If they do cover President Trump in the same way they covered President Obama, he can expect a fawning reception wherever he goes, full participation of the press in blaming others for any problems that arise, and, in general, looking the other way anytime a hint of controversy appears. The mainstream has accepted as fact the statement that Obama's time in office has been scandal free. While there may not have been a Clintonesque intern problem, in many ways some of these things that happened on his watch have even more far-reaching consequences. Operation Fast and Furious; Obamacare; Government spying on journalists; IRS targeting of conservatives; Benghazi; Hillary's private server; Iran Nuclear Deal; Veterans Administration fake wait times list; Solyndra; and the Secret Service Gone Wild. Those are just a few. Whatever the tally, it does not equal Scandal Free. I report. You can decide for yourself, but, I can tell you right now, scandal-free will not fly. And, as always, I am unanimous in my opinion.

I think most people know that I am not a former Texas Governor Rick Perry fan. Sorry. I never have liked that guy. I may have voted for him more than once, but, just like Trump, that doesn't mean I am a supporter. Here's a news flash for you. Mr. Perry in testimony as the nominee to head the Energy Department had this to say, "I now regret my promise to eliminate the Energy Department if elected president." Really? Politicians. They are really something folks. Something, indeed! Let's see if we can decipher the meaning of his new found respect for the Energy Department. Oh yeah. He needs a job and he has been nominated to receive a salary of $205,700.00 per year, plus expenses. He will head up a department with nearly 14,000 employees with a payout of nearly $1.5 billion for salaries alone. Is the light now beginning to shine a wee bit brighter on why Mr. Perry now regrets his previous promise? But, don't you know he is a Republican and also a conservative and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ? Good for him. He, to me anyway, reeks of cronyism and feeding at the public trough. I think, over time, I have proven my ability to be an equal opportunity slammer, without regard to party affiliation, race, creed, or color. You are free to like him as much as you want to. Maybe even a little extra to make up for my decision not to.

Sorry about the political emphasis of late but it comes over me and a man has to write about what compels him at the time. If I planned my episodes out I could avoid writing about things that some people would rather not read. But, as the saying goes, "I calls em as I sees em." Supposedly, although there's not hard evidence, that saying has to do with the job of umpiring, and especially the home plate umpire who has to make a decision about balls and strikes. While I've not set myself up as the umpire over the things I express opinions about, it does reflect me giving my interpretation of my understanding. Umpires sometimes get it wrong. I do too. But, since we are all entitled to our opinion, I suppose we are also entitled to be wrong. I see folks all the time who post their views and their interpretation of the facts and the results are not even in the same ballpark with mine. Yes. I am still trying to stick with the umpire analogy. I do thank my readers for putting up with my disjointed gray cell activities from time to time. Now it is time to pay attention to the rest of the day that God has given to us. Let's all agree to make it the best that we can. May God help us to do just that. Amen. ....More later.

Friday, January 20, 2017

"O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness." ~ William Shakespeare, (1564-1616), English playwright & poet. From: Henry VI, Part II, Act I, Scene 1

Mom, taken Wednesday.
Well, well, well. I looked up and what did I see? Another Friday has landed and this one happens to be listed as January 20, 2017. We are planning another trip to Louisiana for tomorrow to visit mom. She is making slow but steady progress. The doctor wants her to stay for at least another week for the antibiotic IV treatment for her pneumonia. When I talk to her on the phone I can hear the improvement. Our entire family continues to be so thankful for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support. We thank God for His provision. Amen.

A fellow at our Wednesday evening Bible study told me what he had been doing during the rain that kept him indoors all day. Book work. To support the filing of his tax return. While I am thankful to live in our wonderful country, I must confess that when he said that, I shuddered. It was one of those feelings I've mentioned before. That sensation on the back of your neck where they used to say it felt like a cat had run over your grave. I'll have to work on our return eventually but I'm certainly not looking forward to it. I don't want you to have that thing on the back of your neck, therefore, I'm sharing some thoughts to help you get ready. ~ Ambition in America is still rewarded . . . with high taxes. ~ The rich and the poor are alike. They both complain about taxes. ~ An income-tax form is like a laundry list - either way you lose your shirt. ~ Income tax is Uncle Sam's version of "Truth or Consequences." ~ George Washington may have never told a lie, but then he never had to file a Form 1040. ~ Trying to cure runaway government spending by raising taxes is like giving a drunk another drink to sober him up. ~ A harmonica is a piano, after taxes. ~ Another American invention: The permanent temporary additional tax. ~ Updated idiom: A penny saved is a penny taxed. ~ Okay. I adapted these from a website, Jokes4us.com. They were unattributed and I did restate some of them to add my touch. Just trying to lighten things up a little.

Another work week will soon be in the books. You know how that water looks as it goes down the drain. That spiraling vortex look. That's how I feel at times as stuff seems to be flying here, there, and everywhere. I feel like one of those drones that malfunctions, making it spin around in circles. Yeah. That would explain the dizzy spells. You do know that I am kidding. Mostly. I am easily confused. Here's an example from early Thursday morning: Like I really can't figure out why my blood sugar number is glowing after eating everything I shouldn't have eaten at the Wednesday evening Church potluck including the store bought Italian Cream cake sent by the wife. I looked at that number and thought to myself, I wonder what might be going on. Here's a good one. An insulin dependent diabetic brother at the Church was commenting how well he liked that cake. I told him that I really liked it too. He immediately said, "Hey, you are not supposed to be eating stuff like that!" Ironic and funny. And, enjoyable. All at the same time. I started to say I have no complaints but when that cat did that number on my neck, well, it might just have messed up one of the nerves. How does that saying go? I either have a pain in my neck or I am one. I'll let you chew on that one for a while. Enjoy your Saturday and do your best to show up for worship on Lord's Day Sunday. Take care and may God bless us, one and all. Amen. .....More later.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being less fallen than they, nor less doomed to live in a fallen world, but by knowing that he is a fallen man in a fallen world." ~ C. S. Lewis

Good morning and welcome to another day in the neighborhood. My comments about the rain event may have been somewhat understated since people are now talking about the F-word, as in flooding. Maybe I will end up revising my remarks. You know. Those laced with wisdom. How in the world are you doing on this Thursday, January 19, 2017? We live in an upside down world. We know that because it's how a sin-cursed, fallen world operates. Upside down. While I didn't read the story, I saw a banner with some pretty golfing ladies. The banner from a major news network asked the question, "Does ranking female golfers by their beauty constitute sexism?" I think that's a reasonable question, but, I wonder if them being able to show the photos of those ranked had anything to do with the article. See what I mean? We can show the photos but act like we are taking the high ground. Some of those who are going through the confirmation process for high-level positions within the new administration have seen similar kinds of double standards imposed on them. Their colleagues who had previously thought highly of them, who had written great things about them, had photos taken with them showing solidarity, are now opposed to their good friend's confirmation because their party, the media, and other political forces have applied pressure. You know what? That kind of hypocrisy and partisanship makes common folks sick to their stomach. And the big government crowd wonders why people are so cynical and discouraged about how things are done in Washington. They could give me a call.

On my way in each morning this week, I've been listening some to the BBC live reports coming out of Davos, Switzerland where they are having the World Economic Forum. This is where the so-called experts meet every year to plan for the new world order, so to speak. The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union along with the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency has these globalists panicked. For the most part, this is a one world government conference and these types of developments are not conducive to this goal. Today, I heard a recognized expert talking about the younger generation, called the Millenials, and how, like it or not, they are the future leaders of the world. According to this fellow, this generation doesn't see the world like any before it. They don't have the same values and rule sets that were previously held by those who are older. He believes these developments in the UK and in the US are the results of a backlash of the older generations as they see their world evaporating before their very eyes. He went on to say this new way of seeing the world is universal in this younger age group. Even in impoverished areas of Africa and other distressed nations, the Millenials have similar views. He also believes their view of the world is inevitable, since, after all is said and done, these will be the ones left standing after the others have passed off the scene. I will not go into the views or lack thereof of that younger generation, but, I think we all know it will be like nothing this world has ever seen.

A lot of the discussion at this world forum is directed towards combatting the potential harm to their agenda posed by the incoming new American administration. Under President Obama, the United States has been a friend to, if not an outright partner, on many of the global initiatives coming out of this conference. Things like climate control, gender issues, and things of that sort. I did hear the representative Mr. Trump sent to the conference. His message is one that says if America becomes great again the whole world will benefit. The inauguration is scheduled for tomorrow. Some 65 sitting elected congressional members are boycotting the event. I heard one of Mr. Trump's people say he just hopes they give back their tickets so they can provide them to someone else. This transition of power in our nation is a big deal. Most elected officials support a smooth transition for the protection and well-being of our country. My personal opinion is using this process as an opportunity for an empty protest is not in the interest of a smooth transfer of power which is essential to all our citizens, including those that these elected officials represent. But, at the end of the day, they can do what they well please. Practically speaking, given how Washington works, I have to wonder if doing this type of stunt is in the long term interests of the folks back home. But, that's just my take. And, now, since I wrote about it, you know how I see it. Enjoy the rest of your day and may God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on." ~ Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790), American statesman, author, scientist & inventor

I'm glad to report that mom made the trip there and back of a little over an hour for a surgical follow-up. It turned out to be a long, hard afternoon, but, the check-up went well with no infection found. She continues to be treated for pneumonia and this does have an impact on her rehab schedule. Dad will try to get a better reading today on her prognosis, treatment plan, etc. Thanks so much for the continuing prayers and support.

Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2017. We are in the midst of and enjoying, depending on your perspective, what is called a rain event this week. As the younger fellows complain, I have the opportunity to offer my three score and ten plus years of wisdomly commentary. (Yes, I am fully aware that wisdomly is not a word, but, the more I looked at it, it was the more I liked it, therefore, I decided to leave it in.) As they grumpily lament the wet and rainy day I remind them of our need to have rain to nourish our land. I typically remind them of how that later in the year we will be glad to have received the rain. They look at me, then at each other, and they do what might be called a collective synchronized eye roll. That got me to thinking. While I do know unequivocally that we do need the rain, however, my theory about how much it will help us later on might have some holes in it. On the other hand, my comments do tend to disperse the naysayers, therefore, what it lacks in scientific accuracy it makes up for in effectiveness. I'm joking about their response. I am very blessed to be shown respect among these that I am privileged to work with. Maybe if I started out by saying, 'back in my day'. Maybe I could say it with a Gabby Hayes voice. (Some of you older folks can hear him talking, others might want to look him up. You can hear his distinctive way of talking on YouTube.)

Rehab Hospital where my mom is staying.
Last Saturday when I was with mom at the rehabilitation hospital we went to the makeshift lunchroom they have there. I've been in many different types of nursing facilities where folks are bedridden, however, to see them at the tables trying to eat, well, it is a heartbreaking experience. Some have to be fed because they can't coordinate their hands to eat. Others can manage but they do so with great effort and many of them do so with much shaking. The helpers keep an eye on everyone but it is obvious that what I was seeing is very routine to them. I fed mom because she had an IV and was still very weak. I suppose that wisdomly understanding I talked about earlier also reminded me that what I was seeing could easily become a future event for any of us, including, yours truly. I am thankful they have facilities like the one mom is in and I'm thankful for those working there who show her respect and care. I will tell you it's still not easy to witness the plight of those dealing with such great health challenges. It's something that will stay with you and it causes me to be even more thankful for every single day that I can get up and go about my business. Amen.

I thought I might share some funny things with you but when I look at what people post as being hilarious, well, the years it took for me to invent the word wisdomly tells me that it also makes me completely out of touch. One thread on the internet I looked at was entitled 'the funniest thing I ever saw or heard'. A variety of folks were chiming in with their recollections of something that was really funny. Really? To them, maybe. Not to me. One person lays out an incident and gives all the particulars that constitute to them the funniest thing they ever saw. While I didn't get the joke, the next person says they are not sure they can top that one but they will share their funniest thing anyway. I didn't get that one either. It's not that I didn't understand what they were getting at. I just didn't see anything funny about it. It worries me. I suppose I need to stick to my own stuff. The wife and I were talking the other day about us attending a Bible conference when we were teenagers. Let me be clear here, I was there because she was there. She was there because her dad the preacher was there. A fellow from my hometown was also there. He wasn't young but he had recently surrendered his life to the preaching ministry. They called on him to share a short sermon. One problem. He had a brand new set of false teeth and he was petrified. That combination did not work out very well as he attempted to speak. Those store bought teeth were not broken in yet and they began to whistle, squeak, and clatter. He was so nervous, he was shaking. They sent for some water. He drank it but his new teeth floated on him and he began to make gurgling sounds. It was sad, but it was also funny. The great men of God on the platform could not laugh out loud but the quivering of their well-fed bodies caused the whole raised floor to shake. I can't be sure, but this fellow may have prompted the well known Southern saying, "Bless his heart!" With all due respect, that was funny. Not some idiotic thing said to someone playing an online game. We were there. Just thinking about it the other day caused us both to laugh. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I suppose. But, think about it, shouldn't their stories have some kind of punch line? Take care and may God be with us all. Amen. ...More later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"I wanted to have a career in sports when I was young, but I had to give it up. I'm only six feet tall, so I couldn't play basketball. I'm only 190 pounds, so I couldn't play football. And I have 20-20 vision, so I couldn't be a referee." ~ Jay Leno

I received word last evening that mom is now being treated for pneumonia. She is still scheduled for a follow-up today with the surgeon regarding the infection she has developed. Our prayer is that God will give her peace and work according to His perfect will. Amen.

You have to admire true believers. I was talking to a true Houston Texans diehard the other evening and he said he had this gut feeling that told him Houston would beat New England to advance to the next round. He also said that same gut told him Dallas would win their game against Green Bay. He goes to many of the Houston games. He does have all the shirts and other gear. However, my thought is that it might just be time for him to consider a gut-check up, a reset, or maybe even a complete download of some new parameters. But, I do admire his positive vibe and his, somewhat blind, support for his team. It's Tuesday, January 17, 2017, and nothing creates a buzz like professional football. I've either listened to or watched some of all of the games in the playoffs this year. There's no doubt that the Dallas versus Green Bay, Kansas City versus Pittsburg games were, not only some of the best for this year, but, they also rank up there favorably with those considered to be classic contests from the past. What distinguished them from others? They were hard fought, close battles. The games could have gone either way. Everyone enjoys that type of game better than a blowout. There have not been very many of those types of nailbiter games this playoff season and that should be of some concern to the NFL brain trust. That's what my gut tells me. For what it is worth.

No. They haven't called me up and asked me what I think about these matters. I'm just exercising the rights I have that were bought and paid for by the millions of commercials I've watched during the games. Speaking of that, what's with this new approach of playing the same commercial back to back? The first one finishes and before you can take the next breath, it starts again, the very same commercial. It happens so fast and it takes you by surprise making it hard to reach both the remote and the boiling point before its over and done. Since I knew that inquiring minds would want to know what's behind this, I did my best to find out. Sometimes it happens when a network switches to an affiliate and the affiliate happens to run the same commercial that just ended. However, the practice of running the same back to back is not new. It's been around a long time. It's done for impact. In fact, it's called impact scheduling. According to an expert who tracks advertising, this practice was once used sporadically but since it is often viewed negatively, it mostly went away. Looking at recent complaints he has received, it appears the practice has made a comeback. My response: It might just make me say no twice to whatever product is being hawked.

I am aware that broadcast TV is available free of charge because of the advertising. I suppose that's why I pay around $100 a month to have these free channels piped into my home via satellite. No thank you, I'm not inclined to go back to a roof mounted antenna or rabbit ears. However, I can still complain if I want to, it is, after all, a free country. Right? Hopefully, for the fun of it, and in good taste. It's just those back to back hit a nerve. Maybe not my last nerve. Speaking of the last nerve figure of speech, here is what one literary major had to say about it, "The phrase “you’re getting on my last nerve” supposes that you have many nerves running through your body that can become agitated from the insensitivities that life has to offer. Most of us internalize the bumps and grinds of a bad day hoping things might get better till that unfortunate moment when we are at our limit and feel we don’t have a calm reserve left. That just might be the moment we have to interact with someone who is trying our patience, yet again. It takes a certain sense of self to warn someone they need to either leave our company or tone their presence down so as not to send us over to the bad side because we truly have reached our limit of calm." Yeah. That sounds about right to me. I think my mom used that 'last nerve' deal more than anyone else. It had something to do with her being widowed and trying her best to corral us six kids. I'm pretty sure she was entitled to own that one. Take care and do your best, with God's help, to have a great rest of the day. Amen.  .....More later.

Monday, January 16, 2017

“In the midst of a busy life don't forget to live.” ― Marty Rubin

I did travel to Louisiana on Saturday and spent the day with mom and dad. Mom has developed some infection in the incision from her hip surgery. They are treating it aggressively with antibiotics. She will be seeing the surgeon on Tuesday. They are also checking to make sure she hasn't developed pneumonia. It seems like she takes a few steps forward and then a few back, but, she is in good spirits. At 92, recovery is always difficult. We also received the sad news that our Aunt Elwanda, age 92, passed away in her sleep last Friday evening. Aunt Elwanda was the wife to mom's last remaining sibling, Uncle Waymon. She also was 92. This aunt and uncle had a huge impact on our lives and we pray for him, their daughter Cindy, and the grandchildren as they deal with this great loss.

Welcome one and all. Today is a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day. We do not take off here at my workplace but the government, banks, schools, many companies, and other institutions do observe this in remembrance of the life and times of the iconic civil rights leader. I do bid you a hearty hello on this Monday, January 16, 2016. I think I just might be a wee bit too busy these days. So much to get done, so little time. That got me to thinking about how you know when you are too busy. Here are some personal testimonies I found out on the world wide web. ~ When you find your cell phone in the refrigerator. ~ You take the cleaning to Pizza Hut and ask for a burger at the bank drive through. ~ You are halfway through eating your sandwich before you realize you haven't put the meat on it. ~ You end up with the kid still in your car at work because you forget to take them to school. ~ You spray your hair with Windex thinking it was conditioner. ~ Someone overhears you shouting 'hurry up' to the microwave. ~ Your family members living with you have to send you a text message just to hear from you. ~ And those could go on and on. I believe they say the next step is to go from being too busy to being overwhelmed. At least that gives me something to look forward to. I think. Hey, I'm just glad to be able to get up and go and to be busy with the life God has given to me. Amen.

When I was a kid I remember how much the receiving of a chain letter would make my folks angry. Sometimes they received them from people they knew, even relatives. I think the part that bothered them the most was the threatening of bad things happening if they failed to keep the chain going. How in the world could God fearing, Bible believing people participate in that type of shenanigan? It's been a long time since I've heard that much about chain letters coming through the regular postal service. However, it has many faces, many angles, and many approaches, but the underlying concept is alive and well on social media. I'm talking about dozens or more per day. It's not enough to read what is said or even to like what is said because if you don't copy what is said and send it to your entire friends list, well, you are not a true friend, a true believer, a true patriot, a true conservative, a true lover of all that is good, and, it goes on and on and on, and one more for good measure, and on. I know, in isolation, the folks who send them out are not intending to flood the entire platform with these kinds of communications, yet, that is exactly what is happening. If that's what they want to do, it is still a free country. It just ruffles my feathers a little and I thought maybe I would blow off a little steam. I'm not sure if I feel better about it but I at least let you know how I feel about it.

I am aware that many of the things posted that appear in this chain mail like format do support good causes. Some of them. Not all of them. There's just so many. Most of the ones I see are not original. It has been copied as requested from someone else who copied it from someone else, etc., etc. At any rate, I think many of you know what I am talking about. The other day when the wife and I were in the waiting room of the surgical center waiting for my name to be called, a rather loud lady said something that got most people's attention. Someone was making conversation with her and she responded by saying she had come with her mom. She went on. Her mom was somewhat worried about what they might find when they did her scan. The loud lady said she told her mom that she should be happy because she had enjoyed a good long life of 67 years. When she said that, every white haired person's head turned. Hello? I couldn't guess what the average age was of those of us in that waiting room, but, I got the idea that none of us there thought that her statement was one we wanted to hear at the moment. She noticed that and began talking about others in her family who had died much younger. Great subjects to be discussing with folks who are about to be put to sleep. Oh well, you do hear some things if you pay attention. Remind me next time to listen to something using a set of those earbuds. That's a better plan. What say you? Take care. Know that God is still in control, and, that with His grace, mercy, and provision, I will see you next time. Amen. ....More later.