Friday, June 30, 2017

"We over-exaggerate yesterday. We either think it was better or worse than it was - you know, the good old days. We over-estimate tomorrow; we think we can do more than we can - always. And that's why we put off everything till tomorrow." ~ John C. Maxwell, American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.

Front Cover (1957)
Hello out there in that digital world where bits and bytes are flying here, there, and everywhere at speeds beyond our imagination. (I don't make stuff up. A recent test of new fiber-optic technology allowed speeds that would permit the download of a full-length movie in 3 thousandths of a second.) It's Friday, June 30, 2017, and I bid you welcome to this end-of-the-month episode. The other day when I wrote about our 11-year-old grandson writing computer code for operating a robot, it did make me think about my life at age 11. That would have been in 1957. Needless to say, things were different back then. Most all of our play time would have been outside. At 11, my comrades and I would have still been actively engaged in our own form of re-enactment, take your pick, the American Revolution, the Indian wars, the war between the states, (Rebs versus the Yankees), WWI, or WWII. Our greatest challenge was in determining who would be the enemy. Everyone wanted to be on the Rebel or American side or leading the Calvary against the Redskins. As for knowing about the future of toys and things like that, we did have a year-round source to help whet our appetite, The Annual Sears Christmas Catalog. Year round? You betcha! If our textbooks had been used as much as our Christmas catalog, most of us would have our Ph.D. by now. They later would call it the Wish Book and I can testify that around our house it was the spark of a whole lot of wishing. 

The family does matter.
I plan to go see dad tomorrow. He is in decline at this time. The wife is going today and will be staying there for a few days to help with his care. The other day a preacher friend in the Philippines asked how dad was doing. I told him that according to the reports I've received that even when he's doing pretty well, he may not be aware of it. That's hard to grapple with, but, it is the journey he is on at this time. I've mentioned before the things we have learned about how the elderly are dealt with in our health care delivery system. Some of our experiences have been good, but not the majority. Sadly, it really does come down to the financial component. Risk versus reward. We as family members have trouble making sense of this because of our attachment, however, it is how it works. I'm not thinking bad things here but for those of us who have passed the threshold into our last quarter, it certainly has been instructive. (And, very scary my friend, scary indeed.) It also reminds me of how blessed we are to have been able to care for mom with family and we are now blessed to try and do the same for dad. Yes. There are alternatives and most are destined to employ them, but, I thank God we haven't had to go down that road yet. Thanks again for all the prayers for dad and for those looking after him. Amen

Another work week has come and will soon be gone. It's been filled up with lots of routine punctuated by brief interruptions of unexpected demands. I think that could be the definition of life itself on most days for most folks as we make our way forward. Some days can be pretty dark and gloomy. Yet, even the darkest hour is still only 60 minutes and we do have God as our Helper in making it through the challenges of life. Those are the things that come to mind when I observe all that is happening in and around my sphere. Having a large family is a wonderful blessing. At the same time, having a large family presents opportunities for many troubles. Our kids, their kids, their kids' kids, their lives, their jobs, their well-being. You name it, we've all got plenty of reasons to call upon the Name of the Lord. Especially, when we truly recognize our needs before an All Sufficient God. Okay. That should tide us over until next time. I do hope you enjoy a wonderful Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I will do my best, Lord willing, to catch back up with you, come next Monday. Amen. ....More later. 

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