Thursday, June 22, 2017

“Millennials, instead of a danger, are really a reflection of the society in which they grew up in, and in which all of us now live.” ― Crystal Kadakia, Author of: 'The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding Into Workplace Breakthroughs'

Welcome one and all, no matter how you got here, the important thing is that we were able to connect via this blogging utility on this Thursday, June 22, 2017. I realize using the word important is likely very much an overestimation, however, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to. That reference, of course, comes from the 1960's song that was a number one hit for the girl singer, Lesly Gore, in 1963. I suppose it has become somewhat of a metaphor to describe personal ownership or control over of a situation, relationship, or for whatever someone chooses to apply it. I hear it more than I use it. It's another one of those dated phrases that probably only works with certain people. I don't blame Millennials for not recognizing my archaic word plays. I was looking at how they talk to each other and I can easily see why we have a huge gap in our ability to communicate. ~ True plus real = Trill. ~ TFW means That Feel When, Like that feel when you pour orange juice on your cereal instead of milk. ~ OTP = One True Pairing. ~ "P" means pretty. A "V" in front of it means very pretty. ~ JOMO = Joy of Missing Out. ~ Here's one that really gets me. GOAT now means Greatest of All Time. Back in my day, to be called the goat typically involved failure of some kind. ~ If you find yourself really agitated or bitter, you describe it as being SALTY. ~ DEAD is used to communicate how something was so good it either slayed or killed you. "I saw that movie last night. I'm DEAD." ~ Those are just a few from the lexicon used by those who will be running everything soon.

I've seen those memes out on social media that talk about this new generation. One shows a teenager from the Greatest Generation, WW2, in a uniform, preparing to go into battle. The next shows a modern college kid saying the wrong person got elected as President so I need a 'safe place' to go and deal with my feelings. I get it. It's really difficult to get our arms around this vast change that has taken place. However, these are not aliens from outer space, they are our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They have the same number one need that I had at their age: To respond to God and become saved by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. That will make the greatest difference in their lives. Some of what they are reacting to is the hypocrisy of their elders, and, we've had plenty of that to go around folks, plenty. Yeah, it's easy to say they are the generation that all got a participation trophy, but, that will not change anything. We need to seek God on their behalf so they can find purpose in their lives, and speaking for myself, I need to care more as opposed to being critical. Just sharing some thoughts I had as I thought about these kids.

She made her way up to Branson and next thing I know I get a photo of her and another fellow (the one on the right). I thought she had a permanent contract to sit with one and only Santa, (the one on the left), but, obviously, that's not the case. That fellow looks a little rigid to me. Maybe, being outside all the time has taken its toll. She said something about them going shopping at the Christmas Store but that's a likely story. It could be she has trouble resisting a jolly old man wearing red and white. I'll have to deal with all of this when she gets back next Sunday. She has really enjoyed being there with the Church group. They have been doing devotions each morning and she reports it has been a revival for her. I should have called ahead and told the fellow leading the devotions to throw in something about wives being in subjection. You know. Strike while the iron is hot. That last part was all made up. It's supposed to be funny. The part about them being revived in the Lord is true, and, that's worth a trip anywhere. Looking at that fellow's eyes makes me think he must be taking some kind of stimulant. I think I will withhold sending an application for that job. That chair doesn't look very comfortable to me. Enjoy the rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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