Friday, June 2, 2017

As a kid I must have eaten way too many Rice Krispies. Now, all my body does is snap, crackle, and pop! (copied)

It's time to do a wrap of this week and I am glad to do so on this Friday, June 2, 2017. I've not been overly busy this week but as some call it, very occupied. Part of that has been keeping up with dad's health situation. We also learned that mom's last remaining sibling, our Uncle Waymon, has fallen and broken his hip. He is 91 and due to his age and health condition, they have ruled out surgery. We are praying for God's help in his situation. I told my Wednesday evening Bible class how blessed our family is to have had folks to whom God has given many years of life. Yet, we all know there are typically aging issues that come with those blessings. I know some of you think I obsess too much about how my doctor explained to me that when I reached 70, I was put into a different category of preventative medicine. I wasn't even aware I had crossed that threshold until he told me. And, throughout this year, we have seen, up close and personal, how medical care is meted out to the elderly. I'm not saying anything was blatantly unethical, but, it certainly was consistent with what my doctor told me. Different. Maybe that's okay. I'm still processing all of what we have observed.

My blood sugar numbers have been better of late. I didn't consider myself under a lot of stress during the time we were dealing with mom's health issues and her subsequent death. However, the experts do connect stress as a factor in daily diabetic blood testing. I'm just glad my numbers have improved even if I am, you know, at 70, in that different category of medical observation. My wife can be real funny. She likes to snack on things that she enjoys. Just like everyone else, I might add. She has all kinds of treats laying here and there. I do a reasonably good job of avoiding these treats. There is a 'however' to follow. At the same time, she is always good to be concerned about my habits. Like when she opens the jar of marshmallow creme and discovers most of it missing, she exclaims, "I can't believe you are so undisciplined!" I did achieve one thing. Delayed discovery. She didn't notice it until she needed to use it. And, just so you know, if you throw some pecans into your mouth along with a spoonful of that gooey marshmallow stuff, well, not bad folks, not bad at all. Here's one I hadn't thought of: Maybe it is the stress of being caught that has been dogging my steps. Need I remind you, be glad every day you don't have to put up with me, myself, and I.

This was not intended to be an edition of True Confessions, however, the truth does tend to work itself into the mix. I do think they need to put a warning label on that marshmallow creme stuff. It has a tendency to take over in a conquering kind of way. I'm just passing on some of my own personal research. Nothing more than that. I do hope you and yours are well. Thanks so much for showing up here at the ole blogger ranch each day, as we, together, find out what's up. I know there's a slang way to write that, but, maybe I should quit. I started to say while I am ahead but I think that train left some time ago. I do hope you enjoy your Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. If I happen to find myself delving into the additional study in the realm of sneaking snacks, I will keep you posted. Just joking. I do hope 'you know who' is laughing. May God bless each one. Amen. .....More later.

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