Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bill Gates talking about him not completing his Harvard degree, "It was unfortunate that I didn't get to stay there, but I don't think I missed any knowledge, because whatever I needed to learn, I was still in a learning mode."

Good morning and I bring you greetings on this Thursday, June 1, 2017. Today I punched in for the 2,576th time here at the ole blogger ranch. The other day someone shared a very interesting study about how well high school valedictorians fair out in the real world. There was a large number tracked over a 10 year period. This study found that most go to college and most do well in college. Most find good jobs and do well in their jobs. Here's the kicker. Very few became thought of as game changers in terms of major inventions, new businesses, or other entrepreneurial pursuits. The professionals who analyzed the information have some potential thoughts about this. They say that most school systems are geared to those who follow instructions, learn the materials, and do well on tests. They believe this approach does not always recognize great intelligence or ability because it very much favors structured learning. The good news is how these individuals by a large majority do well in life in terms of the application of their skills. Multi-billionaire's John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and a modern example, Richard Branson, did not finish high school. There are at least 14 billionaires within the high tech world who did not finish college, including Bill Gates. This doesn't mean education is unimportant. It does, however, point out that different people are capable in different ways and as this study pointed out, we should do our best to enhance the broadest spectrum possible. I thought that was interesting enough to share. What say you?

I haven't had anything of late to say about the political times we are living in or perhaps better put, we are living through. One thing is pretty clear. I've not seen anything like it in my nearly 71 years of breathing air on the planet. One wakes up every day not having a clue what will be the next chaotic crisis, often created by a media cabal that has only one unified intention, to destroy the current President and his administration. I'm not saying the new team has always done themselves good in the way they operate, however, even liberal survey groups report the level of negative press coverage is unprecedented. They wanted someone else to be the President and they appear unwilling to accept the vote of the American people. I have no idea if President Trump will eventually be impeached. I will say this. If he isn't, it will not be for a lack of coordinated assaults by those who believe their vision of America is the only one that should be embraced. Since they cannot overturn the election results, they persist in their created narrative of it being an illegitimate election. This is what I see and I have never been known to wear rose colored glasses. Just so you know.

As is my custom from time to time, I checked the US low temperatures for May 31. We still have about eight states that have overnight low temperatures in the 30's. The lowest I spotted was 31 but that was looking at a big map with lots of low temperatures on it. I don't know why but seeing those lower temperatures makes me feel a little better. I know our tenured central air system could already use a little relief and we are really only seeing a downpayment on the summer heat to come. And so it goes, in our part of the world where we wring the humidity out of our clothes each day. Maybe not that precisely, but, it feels like it. However, we have much to be thankful for. I've always paid attention to the hurricane forecasting models, but, since Ike took our house out, I look at it much more closely. This could be an active year with several predicted including some that will be very destructive. The forecasts over the past several years have been off some and we've enjoyed fewer than predicted. However, the historical trend says we are due a major storm in this cycle. When it is all said and done, we know that God is in control and He will help us to deal with whatever comes our way. We can't be sure of what will or will not happen, but, we can be sure of His faithfulness. Been there, done that. We know that to be true. Have a great rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later. 

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