Monday, June 5, 2017

Construction zone for the next 10 miles. Work only being done in a 50 foot section. ~ Observation

Here we go again. This time with a brand new work week to contend with, beginning with today, Monday, June 5, 2017. I know I've mentioned this before, but, it is getting more out of control every day. While I am not typically into conspiracy theories, the road construction environment in and around the Houston area metroplex could be a candidate. I didn't realize there were enough warning signs, markers, and other types of construction signs to support this perpetual, all-encompassing enterprise. "Oh goody, they have completed another leg of the toll road system. That should help a lot." Two weeks later: "Oh no, they are already doing revisions, upgrades, and changes to the just completed leg of the toll road system." See what I mean? What? They don't think we notice stuff like that? It's got to be the money. That is always in there somewhere. And, the politicians. They are always good prospects when a conspiracy is a subject. I guess those that manufacture the signage to support this activity have to be in melt-down mode, working 24x7 just to keep up. Here's one for you. Why not consider the feelings of those who actually drive on those roadways, pay for those roadways, and suffer at the hands of all the slowdowns and delays? There's a novel concept for you. Right there, buddy. Yep. That would be me. Thanks for hearing my theory. Feel free to discuss it among yourselves.

We had some pretty good downpours last week. One early morning I was sitting at my desk and the rain was making the most lovely music on the metal roof here. I was sipping on my hot, black Community and I was somewhat overwhelmed by a sense of blessedness. Sorry. It just seemed so enjoyable to experience the rain and my coffee, I couldn't help myself. I am aware that seems so insignificant and trivial. The other day I received some of our customers here at our Company. They couldn't get over our location out here 'in the country', as they called it. How easy it is for us to ignore the simple blessings that surround us each day. In our large fabrication shop building where much activity was underway, they noticed at the far end of the building the large roll door was up and it almost looked like a calendar shot of the outside green field. I've noticed that same thing before. But, it had been a while. Rain. Coffee. Green fields. Got it. How about you?

I made the decision to wear the beard year round. And, yes, that does draw attention to my alter ego, The Santa Claus himself. The other day I was at a company and a young woman asked me about my resemblance to the famous holiday character. I told her that it was not just a resemblance but it was also a part of who I have become. She said she had a six-year-old who would likely get all stirred up if she saw me. I told her not to worry because I would just give her one of my souvenir cards and tell her to be good. The mom then said this, "Don't you think you could just tone it down a bit, after all, it is summer?" That hit me pretty hard, but, I recovered and gave her one of my cards and told her that she should try real hard to be a good little girl. I didn't really say that last part but that's what I was thinking. I told her most children handle it quite well and they are tickled to be reminded and they appear excited when they receive one of my cards. I saw a little guy the other day who was being dragged backward by his mom after saying hello to me. He couldn't stop looking. Enjoy and may God bless us, one and all. Amen. ....More later.

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