Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do not adjust your monitor. I actually don't think it will help.

We have another day to try and make something happen. This one is identified as Wednesday, June 14, 2017. With mom's passing and dad's failing health, and with thoughts of Fathers Day, I've been somewhat in a reflective mood at times. The doctor asked me the other day who dad was to me. I told him he was, for the past 40 years, my dad. My real dad died in January of 1954. I was seven at the time. I know some things about him but much of it is behind the trauma curtain in my brain. I get glimpses now and then but I can't really say that I have any serious recollections of his daddy influence on my life. After we moved from Port Arthur to a sleepy little hamlet of a town in Louisiana, my mom's dad, Paw Paw Mac, did his best to stand in the gap for us kids. He had already raised up a large family and having six new ones thrust into the mix was a huge challenge for him and Granny Mac. Mom went to work as soon as she could. I do remember our little clan being bewildered by what had happened. Paw Paw Mac would be called old school by any and all definitions, but, he instilled in me many of the character traits that I carry with me today. He took his leave for his heavenly home in 1971. He was a larger than life figure to me. I was 25 when he died and I can remember how devastated we all were. Six years later mom and dad married and after a couple of years of adjustment, I bonded with my "new" dad. He's been my dad ever since. I also had my wife's dad as a mentor and supporter for well over 30 years. The way I see it, I face Fathers Day humbled, and counting my blessings for these men and their influence on my life. And, if I ever am able to get that curtain to come up, well, there will be stories to tell. I do know that.

I think those are on target who have said the idea is to keep the new administration from getting anything done by keeping the new administration bogged down with all kinds of political shenanigans. Those leading these various efforts couldn't be persuaded to even consider looking into the potentially illegal activities of the Clintons Inc. This is why so many people are turned off by the PROCESS and how it is played out. Many have concluded that our elected officials are a lost cause, and, one can see why. Suddenly, some so-called influential people woke up one morning and they have a conscience and a concern for the integrity of our institutions. Give me a break! They are concerned, but, not about the things that concern you and I. Sorry. I hate to be negative but it is a sad commentary on the current status of our Republic. I sure am glad I know God because He is ultimately in charge and He has promised to make all things right. Amen.

I remember a commentator from a number of years ago who spoke highly of Washington political gridlock. He said the good news about gridlock is they are not able to do more damage to the individual citizen. He thought to have a do nothing, get nothing done Congress, on balance, is probably a net positive to those paying taxes. I'm not sure I could agree with that totally since some things do need to be changed, however, I certainly can identify with his sentiment. It's always best not to fret over things we have little control over. Speaking of that, I'm sure I have some things that I need to be working on, therefore, I will say so long for today and offer up my prayers that God will bless us all. Amen. .....More later.

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