Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"We'd be wise to keep the best parts of the past while living joyfully in the present and looking hopefully toward the future." ~ Stephanie Lynn Stevens

Good morning and welcome to our summer version of fall here in this neck of the woods. It is Tuesday, November 1, 2016, and I find myself humming a Thanksgiving tune this morning. You probably recognize it,  "Over the river and through the woods To Grandmother's house we go." I am a little bummed with the thought that we might need sunscreen for the upcoming holidays, however, I've noticed that some people actually think that having mild weather at this time of year is a good thing. That means one thing. We are different. I would love to be waking up to frost on the ground but that doesn't happen to be in the area of my control. I didn't work last Friday. Good thing, because our hot water heater went out. It seemed like only yesterday that we replaced it. Turns out, it was nearly eight years ago. Thanks to sons Chris and Jimmy for helping the 'old man' take out the old one and put in the new one. We were blessed to have the wife's sister Dorothy and our sister-in-law Glenda come over Sunday evening. Glenda is the widow of our dear brother Milton. They came over for a huge night of hymn singing up at a church facility in Conroe, Texas. The 130 member choir and full orchestra got the festivities started with a number of Southern Gospel standards. What a thrill to hear that large collection of voices belting out "Goodbye World Goodbye." I do believe the rafters were getting a workout. What a night! It was mostly about congregational singing. That's right. Over 2,000 people singing the songs we grew up with. It was an evening of praise, worship, and remembrance of not only the songs but the singers we've known over the years. I thought about those from years gone by who were song leaders, those who sang specials, and my family members who used their voices to sing praises to God. The old song came to mind, "When all of God's singers get home where never a sorrow or heartaches will come. There'll be no place like heaven my home when all of God's singers get home." It was a very special evening. Special indeed!

As most of you already know, I notice things. I was walking the mall last Saturday and there are many things that caught my eye. I saw a lady who was walking or prancing her way around. She had the full-blown walking outfit with the leotards and the whole shebang. She was high stepping but not quite as pronounced as those images of the German soldiers in their goose step march. She was also very wired up. Literally. I think she was recording her vitals as she marched around. She would consult her monitoring unit now and then and keep at it. If she was trying to look like she was more serious than I was, she more than adequately made her point. I noticed lots of workers making their way to their respective stores to begin a brand new day. Many of them were young but they walked old. Maybe they were counting their steps. At the petite section of one store, there was a huge lady getting stuff hung on the sale racks. I don't know why but when I see a super tall or very large person working in the petite area it always strikes me as being somewhat out of place. The wife and I typically enjoy a cold drink after we walk. She wasn't with me but I continued our habit. I asked the very young lady if she knew how to make a lemon-lime slush. I was only trying to make conversation. She thought I wanted to know all the steps and so she proceeded to give them to me. She then implemented the explained procedure before my very eyes and produced the best lemon-lime slush I've had from that place. Must have been a good question. What? You think maybe having a sugar laced slush negates the walking I did? Good point. I threw in one-half lap extra to compensate. I hope that answers your question, but thanks for asking.

I read polling data now indicates why so many people are choosing to vote early this year. Some 22 million folks have already cast their ballots for this national election cycle. The number one reason given from those surveyed? They want to to be done with this election. Once they vote, they hope to figure out how to drown out any and all news about the election. In other words, once they have voted and done their duty, please let them know how it turned out on Wednesday, November 9. While I know it's not always a good thing to stick our heads in the sand, it just might be warranted in this particular situation. Some folks are so messed up they are seeking psychological help. I think they call it election stress syndrome. People are asking me what I think about the FBI reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. It appears to have something to do with her number one top aide who also had access to classified information. My response is that I don't really know anything other than what is being said about it. I have no facts, therefore, I will be waiting to see what comes out of it, if anything, and then I will no doubt have something to say. No doubt. I did notice where a Donald Trump supporter was arrested for attempting to vote twice. That made all the mainline news sources. It was a big story. Meanwhile, the numerous reports of voting machine malfunctions where votes were actually switched were mostly shrugged off by the same mainline sources as being nothing more than software glitches. You know. Computer issues. Nothing to see or worry about. Am I the only one who reads for myself from a variety of sources and it's so easy to spot these unbalanced stories? Oh yeah. I forgot. I am unanimous in that conclusion. You know. Me. Myself. And I. At least I have a majority. Take care. May God bless each one. Amen. ...More later.

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