Tuesday, November 29, 2016

“One mustn’t criticize other people on grounds where he can’t stand perpendicular himself” – Mark Twain

Welcome to Tuesday, November 29, 2016, where I'm sitting here pecking away while enjoying a hot, black, strong, cup of Community. You are right. That's pretty much how I start every day. Since I am a card-carrying member of the professional Santa world, I notice on many of the different Santa messaging pages some interesting postings. As we all know, Santas are real people. They love their families and often they post photos that are special to them. But, just like on all the other social media outlets, there are actually Santa guys who must have appointed themselves as Santa police. The fellow who posted the photo and caption was only wanting to spread some joy, not to become the subject of endless evaluations. Once they get started, the rest of the police force shows up. Talk about piling on! Pay attention to your hands Santa. Your belt is crooked. Those boots need some work. Maybe your hat could be positioned better. For crying out loud, it's a photo their fellow Santa was proud of. I know some of it is likely offered constructively, but, it's interesting to note how quickly it becomes a feeding frenzy. Sure. I understand that it is human nature on display and not necessarily at its best. Here's my take. The fellows doing the critical analysis, well, I clicked on some of their stuff, and many of them don't even look that much like the 'real thing', if you get my drift. In other words, they have more than they can say grace over just working on their own appearance. But, since I'm not a member of the Santa policing authority, I'll just keep that to myself, except for sharing it with you.

Many of those fellas doing the critiques most likely learned some of those spotted issues in one of the professional Santa schools. Two weeks ago I sat for some 300 photos in my representation of the Jolly Old Dude. The folks who made the photos had everyone sign a waiver so they could post all of them on their Facebook page. I pretty much looked at every one of them. Some were good enough to be called magical. Others not so much. While I have not attended one of the professional Santa schools, I am very much into evaluating and looking at myself. As I perused the photos, I felt very comfortable seeing the things I could have done better to have made more of them excellent. The couch we used was terrible. It caused me to sit too far down which on some shots it produced a reflection from my Santa glasses while others just looked odd. There were some pictures where my uniform had been moved here and there. That happens when you wrestle with kids. The photographer could have helped on some of those issues but with the long lines and the process itself, it turned out to be, more or less, what you see is what you get. I know I am probably harder on myself than others, but, I am glad to have the opportunity to evaluate my work and find ways to make what I do the best it can be. The overwhelming majority of the purchasers were happy happy with the product we produced, and after all is said and done, making memories is what we are all about, and their approval is the ultimate test of our efforts.

Sorry. I suppose I will be obsessing some about donning the gay apparel since it is, at this time of year, more or less a permanent fixture around our place. Our grandson Jimmy Jr. rode with me over to our Thanksgiving Day feast at our eldest son's home. The station on the radio was playing Christmas music. It is a local station and they started about a week ago, Christmas music, 24 hours per day. He lamented the fact that we had not even eaten our Thanksgiving Day meal and there we were, driving down the road with Perry Como singing his heart out. I told him I played that channel because I need all the motivation I can get. That and a box of pep pills. That is a joke. I've never taken a pep pill that I know of. Well, I've tried the 5-hour energy stuff. I may have fallen asleep drinking it. I do drink the Rock Star sugar-free energy drink on some afternoons when I am out and about driving here and there. It works pretty well. As far as Santa and the children are concerned, I'll just have to rely on being hyped up on love. That shouldn't be too hard. Have a great rest of the day Tuesday and know that God is in control, and that He cares, and that in one way or another, He will make a way. Amen. ....More later.

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