Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"The home should be the treasure chest of living." ~ Le Corbusier

Good morning and welcome. We made it in from the hospital last night around 7 p.m. Dealing with a crack in the back is not a tip toe through the tulips for folks our age. She's been in a lot of pain but they tell us she will heal on her own and in her own good time. Thanks for showing up today, here on this Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Yep. It's election day. The worst one I've experienced in my lifetime but maybe you feel differently about it. Good for you. How sympathetic am I regarding my ailing better half? The Hallmark Channel. Need I say more? I'll see how she does this morning before deciding about going to work. It's just good that we are able to be home.

Speaking of going home, I got up early last Saturday morning and got everything together to make my way over to Louisiana to visit mom and dad. My sweet wife prepared a full meal for me to take for our lunch. I told the wife about a dream I had the night before. We all have experienced those dreams when we anticipate something important. I suppose I went to sleep thinking about going back home. Well, in my dream, I drove into town and it was just like it had been back in the early 1960's. I saw the station we used to own on the left as I drove over the railroad tracks. On the right was the train station. All the stores were there. The people were there. I was the same with the white beard but everything else was a flashback. I even visited the high school gym where both my sisters were playing basketball. I was in my truck. The one I drive today. I told the wife that I became concerned about the fact they had no unleaded gasoline for my vehicle. She listened and laughed and concluded that maybe I needed to see a psychiatrist. I told her that if that one dream made her think that, what about the rest of my life? I later told her that I would consider making an appointment but only if I started seeing Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bea in my dreams.

I made the three hour drive and enjoyed a wonderful day with mom and dad. We visited and then we visited some more. What a blessing to be there with them. One more time. God has been good to me and I thank Him for all He has provided to me in my life. And, yes, for me, it's always good to go back home again. That includes watching my sisters play basketball. Fran played like a girl worrying about her hair getting messed up. JoAnn played like a boy and you had not better get in her way when she was dribbling the ball. My point? I could find some really bad stuff that happened in my upbringing to concentrate on but there's just too many blessed recollections to waste my time on that kind of negative journey. I do hope you take the time to remember to thank God for all He has done. Amen. ....More later.

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