Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"In the big leagues everyone has ability. It always comes down to mind games. Who ever is more mentally strong-wins." ~ Muhammad Ali

Some days I feel like I'm on one of those playground spinning merry-go-rounds. Where it will stop no one knows. Therefore, I may be a tad dizzy as we embark on today's visit, here on this last day of November, Wednesday, the 30th, 2016. We recently saw again for the umpteenth time one of the NCIS episodes where a fellow was driven to suicide by psychological forms of attack. The person controlling the traffic signals are attempting to do the same thing to me as I do my best, as a God fearing, tax paying citizen, to make my way into work each day. That's right. He or she is constantly messing with my mental frame by changing up the sequencing of the signal lights. What? That shouldn't be such big deal? Maybe not to you. But, I do get sick and tired of being sick and tired about the games they are playing. It makes it worse when someone is in a vehicle next to you. There they are. That's way too close for comfort. It's 3:45 a.m. and we sit there, side by side, nervously waiting for the master controller to allow us to move forward, knowing not what to expect at the next intersection. Do five miles of that where you never can get any kind of rhythm going and you have a co-joined driver door to door traveling along with you, it's enough to make one consider taking the long way around. See what I mean? They are messing with me. They really are.

Are you as sick as I am of the hypocrisy in neon lights being flashed since the election? A tenant of one party throughout the election process was to accuse the other candidate of undermining our democratic system if they refused to accept or if they challenged the results in any way whatsoever. A funny thing happened to that accusing party. They lost. Overwhelmingly, based on our system of representative government. Now, it is that same accusing party who is attempting to challenge the results of the election. Hold the presses. Before, had it been the other way round, they were crystal clear. It would have threatened our democratic way of life. Now, get this, it is a noble endeavor to preserve the integrity of our electoral process. They actually have barf bags on airplanes. You have to wonder why they don't issue them to each American as we have to endure this sickening exhibition of hypocritical posturing. While I am at it, can you stomach news people, politicians, and other Americans who end up praising Fidel Castro? Have they no shame? He facilitated a prison state and reign of terror over Cuba for these many years. A police state. People go missing and are never heard from again. Check with the Cuban refugee community about what happened to their families and their businesses and their way of life under this Communist dictator. My response: If you are not using that barf bag, could you please pass it to me?

I wanted you to know that while I've not been talking much about the political stuff that surrounds us, it's not because I've quit paying attention. And, whether we like it or not, it does matter. To each and every single one of us, and especially to our offspring and their progeny. Deny it all to the best of our ability, stay away from knowing about it as best we can, but, it doesn't change one iota the reality of the impact. Truth tells us that we have to be engaged. We are instructed to pray for those God has allowed to be in authority over us. (1st Timothy 2:2) Speaking of government, we have watched quite a number of the Andy Griffith reruns over the past several weeks. Andy, the sheriff, and Barney, the deputy, provide one of the best 30 minutes of fun and laughter ever broadcast. We've seen those shows time and time again. But, we still laugh. Why? I believe it's because they are funny. No curse words. No sexually suggestive material. Just well written, well acted, funny material. Often, I have guys recommend this comedian or the other to me as being hilariously funny. I call them up on YouTube and I find it's mostly gutter language and trashy stories. I can do without that. And, to me, even though their audiences are laughing out loud, it just doesn't seem funny to me. Now take Barney Fife, that is one funny character. Ageless humor. That is, in my opinion, and as always, I am unanimous in my assessment. Enjoy the rest of your day here on this Wednesday and may God bless each one. Amen. ...More later.

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