Friday, November 4, 2016

Bill Murray on Cubs winning World Series: "I’ve been imagining this for a long time."

Sports Writer Bill Livingston
While I didn't stay up to finish the game, I am happy the Cubs won. Early Thursday morning I watched all the videos of the play by play that ended one of the longest sports droughts in history. I then began looking for some written analysis. Yes. I am prejudiced. I wanted to read from the white haired sports writers. Here's a sample from Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, "The Cubs battered Bryan Shaw from the mound after a brief rain delay in the top of the 10th, and when the hail of hits stopped happening, the Cubs had just enough runs to turn the (great-grandfather) clock back 108 years to their last World Series title in 1908." Maybe it's the hail of hits or the great-grandfather clock but you just have to love folks who can paint a picture using words. I suppose that's what I attempt to do here each time we visit, and, that brings me to my official welcome. Good to see you again on this Friday edition, November 4, 2016. I saw a little joke on Twitter talking about how the Mayan calendar that predicted the end of the world has been found to be in error. After making the appropriate corrections, the new end of the world date turns out to be next Tuesday, November 8, Election Day. I also saw a posting from a preacher fellow who likes to try his hand at humor. He said for Halloween he was going to tie around his neck several of those high powered flashlights. That way no one could actually see his face. He would be going as Joel Osteen's teeth. Sorry. I thought it was funny. I know Bro. Positive has a legion of fans, so please don't write me to complain. You should know by now that in my writing I assume I have diplomatic immunity. It's likely worn to a frazzle by now.

Just trying to lighten up the mood a little. I have started following a new Twitter feed. It's called Anonymous Baptist. It's posted by a pastor and he has a sign on his page saying Little Hope Baptist Church. It's all tongue in cheek stuff but some of it helps to make for a chuckle or two. Here's a sampling of some of his recent postings. ~ " I'm all for building a wall. Around both candidates. And I bet Mexico would even pay for it." ~ On Halloween: "I was somewhat confused last night by the door-to-door political pollster who asked, 'Trump or treat?'" ~ "Due to the behavior of the kids last year, we've renamed tonight's Halloween alternative to 'Children of the Corn Festival'." ~ "Not many things transport me back to my childhood faster than the Peanuts holiday specials." ~ "I really hope Steve Harvey announces the election results so everyone can experience being happy, mad, and hopeful regardless of the outcome." ~ "In just about 2 weeks I can stop being offended by everyone's political opinion and start being offended at clerks who say HAPPY HOLIDAYS." ~ "If The Donald loses in November and he doesn't accept the results, he must be Arminian since he rejects election." ~ I know some of those are insider types of jabs and some aren't guffaw-worthy, however, they, at some level, work for me, so, I thought I would pass them on.

80-year-old runway model.
Another work week has come and is now on its way to being completed. I would say stay tuned for some scenes from the next episode but that would be impossible since I've not even begun to begin thinking about what it might look like. I may go with a blank page to honor the emptiness we all feel regarding Tuesday's likely impact, regardless of the outcome. That sounded pretty profound, even for me. I likely will figure out something to talk about between now and then. I did see a photo of an 80-year-old male runway model sporting clothes in China. He was modeling some types of slacks while showing off his six packs. I have no idea why they call those muscled up lines that, but, I've heard it enough to know that it is supposed to make everyone sit up and take notice. The caption said this fellow is causing the fashion industry in China to rethink age as a factor in presenting their lines of clothing. Really? Guys like him make it difficult for the rest of us. You know. We've heard all our lives that we should act our age, but, just when you settle into doing just that, BAM!, there he comes strutting down the runway. Makes me want to eat another bag of chips and then maybe take a nap. The nerve of that fellow! Oh well, there's always someone who has to be different. You know I'm joking. I admire anyone who is able to do whatever you have to do to get six packs. I don't know that much about it but I can assure you he didn't get them by guzzling six packs of beer. Okay. That's enough for today. One more time: "the hail of hits and turning back the great-grandfather clock." Good stuff. Have a great Saturday and as always, I recommend that you and yours show up at the meeting place with other believers on Lord's Day Sunday. See you next time and may God bless each one. Amen. ...More later.

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