Friday, June 17, 2016

"We all have something in common. It's just a matter of taking the time to find out what it is." - Susan Gale, Very successful Real Estate Sales Executive

Good Friday morning and welcome. It's always good to sit a spell and as they were wont to say back home, and "to shoot the breeze." We will take a stab at that on this June 17, 2016. I carried a book with me to read while hurrying up to wait at the federal courthouse. It's one of those written by John Grisham, "The Summons." I don't live in a world where everything ends up being a pun, therefore, I assure you I didn't choose it because of its title. (Summons, Jury Duty) My middle son had given it to me because he thought I might enjoy reading it. That was over ten years ago. I now have read about a fourth of it and I do intend on finishing it. Different people do different things while they are participating in the jury process. I suppose using the smartphone would be the most prevalent. The phones have to be completely turned off while in the actual courtroom. However, when a break is taken, it sounds like an electronic cacophony of beeps as everyone turns on their phones. The ladies also tend to talk a lot to each other. Since I was reading I wasn't attempting to communicate with my fellow citizens. I did make one exception. A fellow sat down beside me and I immediately noticed his white beard. I asked if he was getting ready for the Santa season. He said he was. At that, we were off to the races. His experience has been mostly mall Santa work. I told him that I had done that also. But my experience was when I was in my mid-twenties where I wore the fake beard and fake stomach. We laughed. We had something in common. Santas talking to each other is a language of its own. War stories, so to speak. Let me tell you about the time I showed up and there were so many kids they put me in a tent out on the parking lot and it was about 85 degrees out there. You know. Stuff like that.

You will remember when I bought those diabetic escalating lime candy slices. Well, those people I ordered them from continue to bombard me with ads for every kind of candy known to humanity. I got one the other day for a grape fruit candy slice.  Not grapefruit as we know it. Grape, as in grapes that grow on a vine. That got me to wondering. Why would they ever call the big fat citrus fruit, grapefruit? I looked it up. It was called something different until the 1800's but the fruit happens to grow in clusters and it reminded folks of grapes, therefore, grapefruit. It stuck. Is it any wonder that we live in a perpetual state of confusion? Watermelon. Pineapple. Need I say more? Oh, but there's more. What is the name for that smell after it rains? Petrichor. What do you call the space between your thumb and forefinger? Purlicue. How about that stomach rumbling noise? It's a wamble. That little plastic coating on your shoelace has a name. It's called an aglet. I know you will want to get a handle on this one. What about those lights you see when you close your eyes and press your hands against them? Phosphenes. I looked for a flag to go with my state of confusion. I haven't found one yet but I will keep you posted.

I want to end the week by anticipating the upcoming Father's Day to be celebrated on Sunday. The first father in the collage is my real dad. He left us very early but I am thankful for him and the life he gave to me. Next is my grandfather, my mom's dad, Paw Paw Mac. He was a huge influence on my life growing up. The last photo is of our step dad who has been a real dad to our huge blended family for soon to be 39 years. I didn't have a photo of my wife's dad to share. For more than 30 years he was one of my most committed supporters. That's right. My father-in-law. He always made me feel like I could accomplish something more. He was a minister of the Gospel and pastored churches for over 40 years. These men, along with a handful of others had a huge impact on my life. My Father in heaven is to be thanked for His provisions on my behalf. He gave us the privilege of being a part of His family through our acceptance of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. That entitles us to personally address Him in the way in which our Savior instructed, "Our Father who is in heaven...." (Matthew Chapter 6 and Luke Chapter 11) Happy Fathers Day to all and may God help us to impact the lives of others so they can testify to His provision in something that we might do. See you next time, and may God bless. Amen. ....More later.

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