Wednesday, June 8, 2016

“Sometimes life is too hard to be alone, and sometimes life is too good to be alone.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Author

Good morning and welcome to my little corner of the world, here on this Wednesday, June 8, 2016. My wife left me again. She's over in Louisiana for a few days. She left on Monday afternoon. I can manage okay while she is gone, but, that doesn't mean that it works as well as when she is here with me. Around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning I awoke and noticed she wasn't on her side of the bed. I had forgotten she was gone and I almost called out to her. But, then I remembered. The thought then came to me about so many we know who have lost their spouses. After so many years that missing spot has been very difficult for many of them. I felt the urge and therefore I paused to say a prayer for them. Before she left she tidied up and made everything very nice. I feel compelled to do my best to keep it that way. That makes it a little tougher. The good news is that she is supposed to be home by the end of the week. That gives me something to look forward to. You know. Getting things back to normal. Having said that, I am glad to report that my little blood monitoring apparatus is back on speaking terms again with me because I'm reporting some better numbers. He doesn't like it too much when I tend to be fooling around in the higher elevations if you get my drift. Someone told me the good news is that when my wife is away I can do whatever it is that I want to do. Really? Thanks. When I figure out what that might be I'll let you know.

I guess some folks like to operate in the tongue-in-cheek mode. I read this Associated Press story from a few years ago and thought it was pretty funny. ~ MILLVILLE, N.J. — Maybe this is why they call it High Street. Police confirm the odd-looking plants they pulled last week from a flower basket in Millville's business district were indeed marijuana. The plants were discovered by a passer-by. Police responded to the scene with a ladder and confiscated the 3-foot-tall plants, which were growing in a basket hanging from a lamp post. The city's parks and recreation department, which tends to the baskets, says it has no idea how the pot plants got there. No arrests have been made yet. ~ While I enjoy a funny story now and then, I probably enjoy even more the telling of them. I do know that one of the most embarrassing things is to tell a really good one and half way through the telling you realize the person listening is the one who told you that story to begin with. Yikes. That really does dampen the punch line. Making it even worse is when they act as if it's the first time they have heard it. That's what I call a remarkable person. We all need people in our lives like that. Right? Right.

Our pastor was recently talking about the categories of information that we obtain and retain. One category he mentioned is useless facts. That's information that really has no usefulness to a person in the conduct of their life. It might help someone win a trivia contest but it may not be worth the gray cells and the memory used up in one's brain. That would be contrasted to information needed to function in life. Job skills, driving, relationship, and other types of information required to make it in life. The final category would be vital information. That would involve knowing God and His Son and knowing and making the Word of God the basis or foundation for our living. His presentation reminded me that I most likely do have way too much useless information floating around in my head. It also reminded me of a little story told by the late God-inspired preacher, Andrian Rogers. He said one of his deacons brought an old college buddy of his to meet him. When he introduced him to Dr. Rogers he said this fellow was a walking encyclopedia of sports information. He went on and on and begged Dr. Rogers to ask him any question whatsoever, past or present, regarding sports. Dr. Rogers said he couldn't help but wonder what good could be accomplished with a capability like that. How much of God's Word could be known, and shared. Ouch. I tend to be saying that a lot lately. But, I know I could do better. What say you? May God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. .....More later.

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