Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Every organization should tolerate rebels who tell the emperor he has no clothes." ~ Colin Powell

Good Tuesday morning. Glad you could catch up with me as we see what we can do with the day God has provided to us, this one, according to the calendar, is June 7, 2016. I've mentioned how that sports commentary shows are becoming more political all the time. One fellow on a panel when discussing why a certain black athlete has not gotten the recognition he deserves said he thought it was a direct reflection of why the current President has not gotten his just accolades. Could it be racism? Obviously, it is. If you don't agree that President Obama has been a great president, well, you are a racist. The other day when the President went off the teleprompter and started lambasting Donald Trump, he seemed to get himself all worked up. He began stammering. When people started replaying that video and making fun of him, it caused a number of his supporters to resurrect the LA Times piece from a few years ago to explain President Obama's stammer. The argument is that in the President's situation, it is an intellectual stammer. It could not even be thought of as a stutter. It is a stammer that is caused by his super intellect out running his brain. Much like you might find in the realm of super intelligent academics. Rick Perry can't remember a point and he is branded a moron. Others misspeak and they are called stupid. The president comes off as being almost incoherent and they tell us it is because he is so smart. I thought maybe the White House was doing a remake of the "Emperor's New Clothes" without telling anyone. I saw the video. I'm sure glad they explained it to me because I would have gotten it wrong. And, in getting it wrong, I would have been labeled a racist. Again.

If the campaign ends up like we believe it will and it's Hillary versus the Donald, pundits are all saying there will be no positives from either side. It will be a race to the bottom. That's just what we need at a time when young folks see little prospect for a bright future. The constant barrage of 'he said, she said' with all the trashy ads saturating the airwaves will only add to this malaise of confidence. It matters. Because we are talking about the future of our nation. For me, it's now about our grandchildren and great grandchildren. The administration claims we need to do something about our crumbling infrastrure of roads, bridges, and municipal facilities. We should. We did. Huge amounts were approved back when TARP and the various so called stimulus spending plans were passed. One problem. The money did not end up going to the originally designated targets. Now we are left with a sea of red ink, a very pessimistic outlook for business growth, and nothing but finger pointing from those we elected to take care of our nation's welfare. I know a lot has been said about this younger generation, called the millienals, but, their view of the world has certainly been shaped by a lot of 'all of the above'. What's the answer? At the risk of sounding like someone referred to as an oldtimer, who is out of touch with modern society, I believe our only hope is in turning back to God. Turning back implies that we as a nation have turned away. I believe that to be the greatest need we have as a nation. You didn't ask but you ended up with my assessment, anyway.

Since I've burned through two paragraphs on these related subjects, I might as well finish up by making it a trifecta. It is now clear the so called Iranian nuclear treaty was sold based on false information. Intentionally false. One of the main lieutenants working on this project for the White House has publically bragged how they fooled Congress and the American people. There is also proof of this. It has to do with some state department briefings that set forth some of these falsehoods. These briefings are taped and held for future reference. Only one problem. The archives have been tampered with and the incriminating information has been deleted. No one knows who ordered this to be done or who actually did the deletions. The State Department folks say this is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot, a mere distraction, and one that ordinary folks have little interest in. Really? Tampering with the official records to cover up the use of false information as a way to promote a treaty that could impact the very future of our nation doesn't sound like a small issue to me. They say it is mostly an inside the beltway controversy and not one that should concern the regular folks. Really? Okay. Here goes: I am one of the regular folks and I am concerned. This situation reflects a pattern of this administration, and I, for one, as a regular folk, thinks it should be investigated and vetted before the regular folks who can then make their own decision about whether being deceived by your government is a good thing or not. Okay. Three paragraphs. I can hear many folks skipping even as I write. That's okay, but, don't say I didn't tell you. Or, I suppose in how things go today, you can say I didn't tell you. But, when it is all said and done they would have us all to believe it was only for our good. Right? Right. Enough already. May God help is my prayer. Daily. Amen. .....More later.

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