Monday, June 6, 2016

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.” ― Erma Bombeck

Good morning and welcome back to a little sliver of my world and this one is being shared on back-to-work Monday, June 6, 2016. Last Thursday I was out and about doing my thing in the unbelievable rain, and while it was mostly sporadic but when it did come, it was blinding. That not being able to see anything really zaps me. I typically feel exhausted but always thankful if I make it to my destination and back. When I came in the back door at home I could tell the wife was immersed with a whole lot of different things on the stove top. I thought we must be having company or something. To my surprise, she had prepared me a fried chicken gizzard dinner. She had the gizzards cooked just the way I like them. She had field peas and fried okra. Fried green tomatoes. Homemade cornbread. Fresh sliced tomatoes. And, a glass of iced tea. I told her I felt like I was being honored for something. Talk about making somebody feel a little better! She told me she had been at the store and she spotted the gizzards. She said, that to her knowledge, they don't typically have them. That gave her the idea. I will tell you this. It was work. And, it was an act of caring. And, I so much appreciate it. I really do. And, just so you know, it was all melt in your mouth, finger licking, and lip smacking good. The next morning when I asked my little blood test unit to divulge the number he was giving for the day, he asked if he could phone a friend. Enough said!

Lots of folks are keeping up with the weather on their cell phones these days. I never saw so many radar images on people's little screens before. And, when one of those alerts come through and you are in a room full of people. All those little phones sound off at the same time. It reminds me of those air raid warnings from the WW2 films. Someone walks in and announces they need to find out about road closures. Suddenly, a half-dozen folks are searching their cell phones to try and come up with information that will help them figure out how to get home. Technology at one's fingertips. The other morning I was using technology to watch Prime Minister's Question Time from the British Parliament on my PC via CSPAN. I had my earbuds in. They were having a loud and raucous go at it which is how it usually goes in the forth and back challenging from the opposing factions within Parliament. I was really enjoying it when a fellow here in the office tapped me on the shoulder. He said he wasn't sure what was going on but he wondered if I knew that everyone could hear what I was hearing. They all laughed when I fumbled around and finally got my earbuds plugged into the right hole. I could tell what they were thinking. What kind of person listens to that stuff? I suppose someone like me.

The kids are all excited about being out of school. I remember how we used to be the same way. Life is quite different for most kids today compared to our way of celebrating summer way back then. They think of going to the pool either in their neighborhood or in their own backyard. We thought about how we might get someone to take us to the swimming hole. I heard a lady on TV who is campaigning for safety equipment for children who ride tricycles. Another fellow and I were talking about it and he said pretty soon they will come up with a plastic bubble for kids to live in from the time they are born until they die, just to keep them safe. I'm not against protecting our kids. However, there must be a balance in there, somewhere. When we were over in Louisiana recently I saw some tiny little ones out playing. They were barefooted and having a ball. They were probably exposed to some elements because we were literally out in the country. Their little feet on the bottom looked like they had been paved with black asphalt. One thing I noticed. They were having the best time one could imagine. I thought about our boys doing the same thing at that age. I can't say the same for our grandkids. We've been conditioned to be protective and when that's not done in a balanced way, the kid loses out on the joy I saw demonstrated out under those trees. I'm as bad as the next one in worrying about all the stuff they tell us we have to worry about. But, I, at least, lament the absence of a good dose of old-fashioned common sense. Now you know my feelings. Not that it matters that much. Take care and have a good rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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