Monday, November 30, 2015

"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in." - George Washington Carver

Welcome back as we see what we can get together for today, Monday, November 30, 2015. I knew that I didn't have any drafts laying around for today, therefore, I am coming to you live and in color as I think about what kind of whirlwind we have been a part of over the past four days. First and foremost, we were so very blessed to have our family with us for our big Thanksgiving Day gathering. We also were able to visit mom and dad over in Louisiana. We also did an all day session of Santa and Mrs. Claus on Saturday at the professional photography stuido. On Sunday it was our privilege to be in our place and to participate in the services to honor our great God at the location where our local fellowship meets. And, the Texans won handily over the Saints. And, they had a lot of reruns of NCIS on. And, in addition to all of this busyness, I have traveled many miles down memory lane that is always both sweet and bitter as we think about so many near and dear to us that we have enjoyed the holidays with in the past but we will have to wait until we are reunited to do so again. Another development underway is due to the wife's decision that the time has come for getting Christmas up and running at our house. I think seeing all the other folks on Facebook with their trees up did influence her. Bottom line: It is time for us to get our Christmas on, ready or not!

We do have a brutal schedule over the next several weeks in terms of our Santa and Mrs. Claus appearances. We have some juggling to do. But, we are thankful that at our age we are at least willing to give it a shot. I do know the stuff we did last Saturday was pretty intense. People who engage the services of a professional photographer are paying for something. They have that something in mind. The photographer is skilled at bringing that product to fruition. Santa was ready. Mrs. Claus was doing her thing by entertaining the children in her area. With everyone all lined up and ready to go, how could it not just fall into place? The little ones have the final say, period, end of story. They determine the outcome. No matter how much bribing, begging, or enticing that is done, if a 2 year old has decided there will be no photos today, guess what? In the end they typically win. But, that usually comes after 15 or 20 minutes of trying everything under the sun including Santa's strength, resolve, and even perhaps his patience. Fortunately, we only had a few like that. Most of them went very well. At the end of the day I know I was exhausted and I can assure you our wonderful photographer was too. We are in the memory making business and we know for most of those who came we accomplished that goal.

In my lesson yesterday we focused on the importance of our Savior's birth according to The Scriptures. We know what we know because God chose to provide an inspired account for all who seek to know the facts that are fundamental to our faith. We believe in the virgin birth. We believe in a God that can do all things as He chooses. Therefore, we are aware that many, even those in religious circles, no longer embrace the explicit truths that God has given pertaining to how Jesus was conceived in the womb of His mother Mary. We choose to embrace the truth that God has given to us. We choose to promote that truth. I know there are many voices out there. I know our children are being exposed to all kinds of alternative viewpoints. It is up to us to do our best with God's help to pass down to those coming up behind us the very truths that can save our soul and set us free. I do fear this continuing decline in the acceptance of the truth of the Word of God. It will have consequences. As a way of introducing our lesson yesterday, the wife and I sang a song we did many years ago. "I'm glad I know who Jesus is. I'm glad I know who Jesus is. He's more than just a story. He is the King of glory and I'm glad I know who Jesus is." I really am glad about that. I hope you are too. Amen. .....More later. 

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