Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wise advice: Never catch snowflakes on your tongue until until all the birds have gone south for the winter!

Good morning and welcome. It's Wednesday, November 25, 2015. I apologize for all the Santa and related stories but they actually come with the territory. Especially at this time of year. Last Saturday at the huge market show where we were doing an all day appearance I met a little guy in the rest room. I was brushing my teeth when he came in and he almost jumped back. He said, "Hey, are you getting ready or something?" I told him I was on lunch break. He then added, "Are you the real Santa?" I told him I was a real Santa's helper. I had my jacket off and he just stood there looking. He was clear across the room and just stood there staring. He turned to walk away and then he came back again. He had something he wanted to say. He had this most serious look on his face and he finally blurted it out, "Well, it was only that one time, and I know it was pretty bad but I've been doing my best to be good ever since." I told him that everyone has days when they end up doing things they are not proud of. He told me his Nana had said the same thing to him. I mentioned that he should tell his mom that I would be back downstairs taking photos beginning at 1 o'clock. He turned and went to the restroom and on his way out he told me he was not with his mom but with his Nana today. Later in the afternoon he and Nana did show up for a photo. When I told him I enjoyed our little conversation earlier he just grinned from ear to ear.

As Santa I do love loving on the little kiddos. The people who did the Jr. League photography put up all the photos on their website. I think I did some 265 with many of them being of more than one kid at a time. I also had many of the shopping ladies where they all wanted a group photo as a keepsake. I think the largest group I did was 20. I visited those photos on their website and it allowed me to remember something about each portrait. But, here's the scoop. As much as I love doing these appearances and as much as I love the little ones, I can tell you my heart goes thump thump thump when I get to be with our own family and in this case our little great granddaughter Madelyn Joy. We call her Madi and she is a character. She lives near Porter, Texas and she's busy with school and soccer, therefore, we don't see her that often. Last Sunday evening we were at the restaurant to celebrate our granddaughter Stefani's birthday. There were nine of us there. I asked Madi if she would please have her picture made with her great grand poppy. She jumped out of her seat, came to the other side of the table and our Tiffany snapped off a shot of us together. I treasure photos of me being Santa to children of all ages. I treasure even more this photo with our little Madi girl sitting in my lap.

I tell people that I can confirm as Santa that we in this country do have a child obesity problem. I tell that as a joke because to me they all are so very precious and I really pay little attention to their size. Don't get me wrong. Sitting in the chair for four hours at a time with little time to catch my breath does make my old hips sing a sad tune for several days after. Here's something pretty neat: Without being told by mom or dad, a little one breaks away as they are leaving and runs back to give me a big hug. Special indeed. Believe me, many of the venues we work pay me well for doing what I do but I know things like those hugs are fringe benefits from the category marked priceless. We've got an arduous schedule coming up. I'm not sure we are ready for it because we've never booked this many events. The best news is that I have a wonderful partner, Mrs. Claus, who helps to keep me cool, calm, and collected. Not so much on the cool part. That outfit can get warm. In fact, when that cold front came in and everyone was acting like that wind was coming straight from the North Pole, well, I stood out there and thought how pleasant it felt. That's just me and the suit. That's how we roll. Have a great day in anticipation of Thanksgiving tomorrow. We look forward to it and we are so very thankful. Amen. ....More later.

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