Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"....(oo) All I'm askin' (oo) Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit) Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home..." Aretha Franklin singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Hello and welcome. It's Tuesday, November 24, 2015 and we have one more work day tomorrow before we begin the Thanksgiving Holiday. This past weekend, all day Saturday and most of Sunday afternoon I sat in the big chair at the Jr. League Holiday Market. I actually enjoyed the throne from last year better than the chair this year and I've been thinking quite a bit about that throne. You know. The king and his castle. I remember William Bendix on the old Life of Riley episodes, (on both radio and TV), where he was always proclaiming himself to be the king of his castle. Head of his house. The boss, etc., etc. He was unanimous in his assessment, however, the wife and children didn't seem too eager to go along with his assertion. In my case, the wife is always doing this, that, or the other to change up the decor of our house. A large throne might be a welcome addition. The one from last year's Jr. League shindig in the photo is a good example of what I have in mind. I can see myself sitting on a throne just like that. Do what? Have I discussed this matter with the lady of the house? Not yet but I do have it on my list. It might work like this: I would come home in the afternoon and climb up on my throne. She could then fetch my mail and a glass of unsweetened tea with one small wedge of lemon with the seeds removed. No. You have not landed on a script for the Twilight Zone. It's just me, the jolly old elf himself, thinking out loud. Maybe I should think more on this one and do it silently to myself for a while longer. Don't mention it to 'you-know-who' yet. Thanks.

Buzz Lightyear Toy
I know it's the holiday traveling season. I know folks are skittish about the terror incidents going on with more threats coming in all the time. I don't want to be a party pooper but these recent reports coming out of the TSA , (US Government Transportation Security Administration), are nothing short of alarming. They made headlines the other day because they confiscated a 5 year old kid's Buzz Lightyear toy gun. Yet, those who conduct live testing of the system tell us the screening done by TSA misses real firearms and real explosives, get this, 95% of the time. I'm not done. Just last week Newsweek Magazine uncovered and reported how TSA recently discovered they had employed 73 people who are on the active terror watch list. This is the list of people who are potential threats to carry out terrorist attacks. I would call this entire operation a laughing stock but I can't because this is way too serious. Those who think government is the answer to our problems need only look at the VA, the appropriations processes, the Social Security Administration, and this one, the TSA. The conclusion of the Newsweek piece was pretty sad. They said it was not clear what or if anything could be done to fix all of these problems. It's also not clear if anyone will lose their jobs, (Unions), and worst of all, it also is very unclear whether anyone in the chain really cares.

Since I have now wandered into that place where I could uncork a rant at anytime, I wanted to report that I did watch the Barbie commercial that is being heralded far and wide because it has a little boy playing with the dolls. What did I think of it? It made me sick to my stomach. This little guy who couldn't be older than maybe 8 or 9 was made to speak lines and act as if he was a stereotypical homosexual fashion designer. When I first heard about it I thought it might just be a kid who is seen playing with the girls and their dolls. Not hardly. This little kid is used to promote something. No wonder it is thought of so highly by all the media elites. Don't believe me? Google it and look at it for yourself. It's one thing to see our culture in self-destruct mode but it's another altogether to manipulate children as pawns in promoting this social mayhem. That's my take. You are welcome to your own opinion. I know. I'm one of those who gets labeled as being stuck in the olden days. I'm not trying to be hateful towards anyone but I do have my beliefs and this kind of brainwashing targeted towards children gets me riled up. You can tell? I thought so. May God help us all is about all I can say about it. Take care and Lord willing I'll see you next time. Amen. ....More later.

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