Tuesday, November 17, 2015

“What a culture we live in, we are swimming in an ocean of information, and drowning in ignorance.” ― Richard Paul Evans, Author

It's time to stir up those gray cells and try to figure out what's what here on this Tuesday, November 17, 2015. I saw a blurb about a new app for your smartphone where you can input all the stuff you have in your refrigerator and it will give you some options for what kind of meal you can prepare. I also saw this little formula. I can't say if it's accurate or not but it says that every month that begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th. The so called experts tell us that from a psychological point of view it's better to be sad with someone you care about than to be happy with someone you would rather not be around. Duh. (That was my response. Commentary. You know, like a person who explains what is really happening out on the field of play.) Here's a good one: The ages of 23 and 69 are considered to be the happiest in life. Wow! I'm 69 and I can't wait for my happy happy to kick in. (Nine months left and counting.) Just think: You learn to laugh before you learn to talk. And, one more: If the human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels. Get the picture? Now you know. I bet some of you are trying to remember how happy you were back when you were 23 or maybe when you were 69, or, you might be looking forward to when those come up on your schedule.

I know everyone was shocked as the news poured in from the terrorist attacks in Paris. It goes beyond words to try and process an ideology that leads people to commit such horrific acts of carnage. In the name of religion. I've seen the knee jerk responses and the sloganizing that has proliferated on Facebook. These calls for the annihilation of our enemies actually do little to change the conditions on the ground. That sounding off may help folks to vent but our current administration has trouble when it comes to dealing with even the terminology that calls an attack the work of Islamic terrorists. Sadly, with this as a foundation, we can't really expect to see the kind of response that is needed to situations like what happened in Paris. Now we are faced with the unprecedented influx of refugees from the middle eastern countries that are producing these radicals. The current administration wants to speed up these transfers of people into our country. Some of those involved in the Paris attacks came into Europe the exact same way that we are bringing folks in. My instinct says slow down and do the level of vetting required on every person being allowed in. However, that begs the question, with very little concern for controlling our borders to begin with, could we ever trust the current administration to do the level of screening required to keep us safe?

There's at least one lesson we all can learn as we observe the world condition. Policies have consequences. Elections matter. Liberal versus conservative becomes much more of a sharper focus in terms of potential outcomes being considered. I hear those in the current administration constantly berating us with how our country needs to become more like Europe. In their way of seeing it, Europe represents the enlightened, the open minded, the progressive all inclusive approach. We even have some of our supreme court jurists who think international laws can be instructive in handling cases here in our country. Really? What about the American Constitution? What about American values? What about the historical basis of our founding and the principles that we have stood for throughout our existence? As far as us becoming more like Europe I have but one answer. Thanks but no thanks. Now I put on my Bible teaching hat to say one last thing. In many respects it does come down to us witnessing a desire and an active pursuit to embrace all things that stand in direct opposition and contradiction to that given to us from our Creator God as preserved in His Holy Word. That's where this is headed. We have His Word on it. God will be vindicated in the end. Let's do our best to honor Him and my prayer is that God would show mercy to our beloved country. Amen. ....More later.

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