Monday, January 2, 2017

Stay tuned for an unbiased eyewitness account involving Merry Christmas and the movie Rogue One.

I was so happy to spend last Tuesday with mom and dad. They are an amazing couple. We never know how quickly things can change. On Friday afternoon mom took a tumble, fell, and broke a bone in her hip. They life-flighted her to a hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana. I was up early Saturday morning to make my journey over to the hospital. She was very distressed over what had happened. Dad was right there with her, hovering over her and seeing to her every need. They knew that surgery was the only option going forward if she was to regain any mobility. However, at 92.5 years that presents many risks. Yesterday we all gathered early to see if the cardiologist would okay her to be put under for the surgery. The orthopedic said if they did not get clearance she would essentially be bedridden for the rest of her life because it would not heal on its own. The technician did the echo. The doctor looked surprised. He reported a very strong heart and the surgery proceeded. She came through it with flying colors.  She is now beginning a very long recovery process. They intend to get her up today. They have already said she will not be a happy camper but it is necessary. I cannot even begin to convey the overwhelming response our family has received on her behalf. Prayers, more prayers, and even more prayers offered up for her and for God's will to be done. I have had a peace about mom since the get go. She is God's own child. He will see her through. Just before she left for surgery, she was obviously emotional and she and several others were crying. I leaned down and told her not to worry because everything was going to be okay, no matter what. She said, "Okay, I believe you." Last night I talked to her on the phone and it was like a conversation we had Friday morning before her fall. I hope you will join all of us and saying a prayer of thanksgiving to our great God for His provision. Amen and Amen.

That was a somewhat unusual way to say so long to another year, 2016, the one granted to me by the Lord God above. Today is back to work Monday, January 2, 2017, and we are full of anticipation as we contemplate the opportunities that await us. I'm feeling somewhat more in the know since our middle son, Jimmy, and I took in the new Star Wars 'Rogue One' movie. We watched it last Thursday morning at a 9 a.m. showing. We saw it on the huge, extreme digital, XD, screen. I went to see it, therefore, I do have a review. The story is somewhat lame and pretty much like the same of another episode that you've seen before. However, the special effects on that huge screen were nothing short of spectacular. It had the clarity and presence to make you feel in your bones the explosive battles going on around you. Very impressive. I'm glad I went. I can now say that I am clued in, instead of reporting my normal status of being clueless. At least as it relates to the most popular movie currently playing. I don't think I've been able to say that in a long, long time.

I have something to say coming out of this just past Christmas season. I am aware that our new President has said that he wants to bring back the common greeting, Merry Christmas. I know many have hooked up with the Happy Holidays theme. While I personally prefer Merry Christmas, I am not offended when someone says Happy Holidays to me, or Happy Hanuka, or Happy Kwanzaa. Sorry. I'm just not offended. They have the freedom to say those things or not say anything at all and that's okay with me. I sat in the Santa chair for many hours. I saw thousands of people coming by. The most frequent greeting was Merry Christmas. Overwhelmingly so. But here's something I noticed. While it is not scientific, it is an eyewitness account. People were much more exuberant, upbeat, and excited as they blurted out the 2016 version of Merry Christmas. The new President may not be able to deliver on his promises. We all have been there and know that to be true. That's just how it works. However, folks are encouraged and optimistic about the change in policy and direction. The outgoing first lady said the other day that this transition causes us as a nation to be going from hope to hopelessness. The people I saw during my six weeks of making Christmas cheer a reality didn't show that in their demeanor or actions. I think she needs to look again, perhaps, for the first time. Just me. These are my perceptions and after all, I was there. Now you know. Thanks.

I start today feeling somewhat like the expression, ridden hard and put up wet. I'll let you figure that one out. Take care. Know that God still is on His throne and His plan is always best. Always. Amen. ....More later. 

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