Friday, January 27, 2017

The day goes at full speed with all of its stuff flying around but then a random photo appears. Suddenly my day is now better for it!

Happy Friday everyone! This particular one happens to be on January 27, 2017. I thought I would start off with something that always brightens my day. That photo is of our seven-year-old great-granddaughter, Madi. (Madelyn Joy) Her mom had lunch with her this past Wednesday at school and she posted that photo on Facebook. Well, I saw it, and it melted my heart. What? You think I might have the beginnings of becoming a sentimental old codger. I don't need a jury trial because I plead guilty in the first degree. The really amazing thing about that photo is that I've seen it before, over twenty years ago. Her mom. Our Tiffany. As that famous philosopher, Yogi would have said it, "It's déjà vu all over again." There's one big difference. When her mom was that age they lived down the street from us and we saw her all the time. Typically, we get to see Madi mostly on special occasions but we do love that little lass. I know she is the apple of her grandpa's eye, our eldest son, but, surely the great grands carry some type of influence, if for nothing else, seniority. Okay. I can't help it. One more time. That photo just makes my day. It does. It really does.

Lord willing, I will be traveling over to Louisiana tomorrow to visit mom. It will be a one-day turnaround. I consider myself to be a high mileage vehicle, and I do drive a high mileage vehicle, so, the old pickup truck and I are compadres of sorts. We both rattle some as we make our way forward. Both of us are dealing with wear and tear. You do know I'm joking, even if there's a ring of truth in there somewhere. That reminds me of an old joke. The older fellow was driving down the interstate when his wife called him on the cellphone. She excitedly told him about a news report of a dangerous situation on the highway he was on. Some madman was driving the wrong way on the interstate. He said he was very well aware of the danger because he was trying to dodge hundreds who were driving the wrong way. Hopefully, I'll not get a call like that tomorrow. I will share a tiny little secret. I don't do that too often because I know someone in particular who reads my blog each day. However, I do tend to have more near misses these days. Close calls. Almost a problem. Thankfully, thus far they are near misses. I rarely talk about them. So, you might want to keep that bit of information to yourself.

This has been some week. But most of them are. Or, they seem to be that way. Right? We seem to have a lot going on right now. I know. Join the club. Our nation has a lot going on as well. It's funny to observe the response of the mainstream media when an individual gets elected and then he immediately begins attempting to do exactly what he said he was going to do. They are stunned. How dare him? Who does he think he is, anyway? That's not how things are done. This is absurd. He doesn't seem to worry too much about what they are saying. It's interesting. I'm not talking about the validity or effectiveness of the actions he is taking. I'm only enjoying watching a meltdown of the mainstream media. One pundit opined that certain individuals within the new administration should be shunned, meaning they should not be allowed to be on any news program. Their crime, according to him, is misrepresenting facts. The fellow interviewing him asked if he had called for the shunning of any folks within the previous administration. He became uncomfortable. The interviewer then named about eight major lies that were actually said by the former president himself. The shunner guy became very quiet. See what I mean? Sooner or later policies will matter. Right now I'm just enjoying the show. And, that brings to an end my time for today. Have yourself a great Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I will do my best to catch back up with you next Monday morning. May God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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