Thursday, January 19, 2017

"The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being less fallen than they, nor less doomed to live in a fallen world, but by knowing that he is a fallen man in a fallen world." ~ C. S. Lewis

Good morning and welcome to another day in the neighborhood. My comments about the rain event may have been somewhat understated since people are now talking about the F-word, as in flooding. Maybe I will end up revising my remarks. You know. Those laced with wisdom. How in the world are you doing on this Thursday, January 19, 2017? We live in an upside down world. We know that because it's how a sin-cursed, fallen world operates. Upside down. While I didn't read the story, I saw a banner with some pretty golfing ladies. The banner from a major news network asked the question, "Does ranking female golfers by their beauty constitute sexism?" I think that's a reasonable question, but, I wonder if them being able to show the photos of those ranked had anything to do with the article. See what I mean? We can show the photos but act like we are taking the high ground. Some of those who are going through the confirmation process for high-level positions within the new administration have seen similar kinds of double standards imposed on them. Their colleagues who had previously thought highly of them, who had written great things about them, had photos taken with them showing solidarity, are now opposed to their good friend's confirmation because their party, the media, and other political forces have applied pressure. You know what? That kind of hypocrisy and partisanship makes common folks sick to their stomach. And the big government crowd wonders why people are so cynical and discouraged about how things are done in Washington. They could give me a call.

On my way in each morning this week, I've been listening some to the BBC live reports coming out of Davos, Switzerland where they are having the World Economic Forum. This is where the so-called experts meet every year to plan for the new world order, so to speak. The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union along with the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency has these globalists panicked. For the most part, this is a one world government conference and these types of developments are not conducive to this goal. Today, I heard a recognized expert talking about the younger generation, called the Millenials, and how, like it or not, they are the future leaders of the world. According to this fellow, this generation doesn't see the world like any before it. They don't have the same values and rule sets that were previously held by those who are older. He believes these developments in the UK and in the US are the results of a backlash of the older generations as they see their world evaporating before their very eyes. He went on to say this new way of seeing the world is universal in this younger age group. Even in impoverished areas of Africa and other distressed nations, the Millenials have similar views. He also believes their view of the world is inevitable, since, after all is said and done, these will be the ones left standing after the others have passed off the scene. I will not go into the views or lack thereof of that younger generation, but, I think we all know it will be like nothing this world has ever seen.

A lot of the discussion at this world forum is directed towards combatting the potential harm to their agenda posed by the incoming new American administration. Under President Obama, the United States has been a friend to, if not an outright partner, on many of the global initiatives coming out of this conference. Things like climate control, gender issues, and things of that sort. I did hear the representative Mr. Trump sent to the conference. His message is one that says if America becomes great again the whole world will benefit. The inauguration is scheduled for tomorrow. Some 65 sitting elected congressional members are boycotting the event. I heard one of Mr. Trump's people say he just hopes they give back their tickets so they can provide them to someone else. This transition of power in our nation is a big deal. Most elected officials support a smooth transition for the protection and well-being of our country. My personal opinion is using this process as an opportunity for an empty protest is not in the interest of a smooth transfer of power which is essential to all our citizens, including those that these elected officials represent. But, at the end of the day, they can do what they well please. Practically speaking, given how Washington works, I have to wonder if doing this type of stunt is in the long term interests of the folks back home. But, that's just my take. And, now, since I wrote about it, you know how I see it. Enjoy the rest of your day and may God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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