Monday, January 23, 2017

President Barack Obama’s close friend and longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal.” January 2, 2017

These two ladies are so important to me!
New Update: She finally got to do what she has wanted to do for weeks. The wife bravely made the trip over to Louisiana to visit mom this weekend. I typically go and return on Saturday in a one-day turnaround. But with the back injury, she couldn't tolerate that much riding. Therefore, we spent the night. That gave us more time to visit mom, she was able to see her sister, and we were able to make the trip without too much pain for her. Some. But not too much. Mom is doing well, especially her mental state. She's like she was before this all happened. However, her physical situation still has a ways to go. Her doctors want her to stay longer but they have to get approval from insurance. Thankfully, dad, who is a model of devoted support, currently has sisters JoAnn and Frances there to help. Mom is thankful for that and for all the prayers and support.

Welcome one and all to today's edition, on this Monday, January 23, 2017. Former President Obama had trouble leaving the stage. One pundit said it's pretty hard to say goodbye if the recipient doesn't actually leave. I read the soundbites from Obama's last press conference. By now we are pretty much used to his focus on himself. Many news media folks count the number of times he refers to himself and that number can be staggering. In last Wednesday's final conference he said something that caused me to laugh out loud. Not LOL, really, laughing. As it were, out loud. He challenged the White House press corp to hold the new President's feet to the fire in the same way they did his. Are you kidding me? Even one of their own described that final press conference as a last chance for the reporters to kiss the ring of the President. I didn't say that. One thing is clear. If they do cover President Trump in the same way they covered President Obama, he can expect a fawning reception wherever he goes, full participation of the press in blaming others for any problems that arise, and, in general, looking the other way anytime a hint of controversy appears. The mainstream has accepted as fact the statement that Obama's time in office has been scandal free. While there may not have been a Clintonesque intern problem, in many ways some of these things that happened on his watch have even more far-reaching consequences. Operation Fast and Furious; Obamacare; Government spying on journalists; IRS targeting of conservatives; Benghazi; Hillary's private server; Iran Nuclear Deal; Veterans Administration fake wait times list; Solyndra; and the Secret Service Gone Wild. Those are just a few. Whatever the tally, it does not equal Scandal Free. I report. You can decide for yourself, but, I can tell you right now, scandal-free will not fly. And, as always, I am unanimous in my opinion.

I think most people know that I am not a former Texas Governor Rick Perry fan. Sorry. I never have liked that guy. I may have voted for him more than once, but, just like Trump, that doesn't mean I am a supporter. Here's a news flash for you. Mr. Perry in testimony as the nominee to head the Energy Department had this to say, "I now regret my promise to eliminate the Energy Department if elected president." Really? Politicians. They are really something folks. Something, indeed! Let's see if we can decipher the meaning of his new found respect for the Energy Department. Oh yeah. He needs a job and he has been nominated to receive a salary of $205,700.00 per year, plus expenses. He will head up a department with nearly 14,000 employees with a payout of nearly $1.5 billion for salaries alone. Is the light now beginning to shine a wee bit brighter on why Mr. Perry now regrets his previous promise? But, don't you know he is a Republican and also a conservative and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ? Good for him. He, to me anyway, reeks of cronyism and feeding at the public trough. I think, over time, I have proven my ability to be an equal opportunity slammer, without regard to party affiliation, race, creed, or color. You are free to like him as much as you want to. Maybe even a little extra to make up for my decision not to.

Sorry about the political emphasis of late but it comes over me and a man has to write about what compels him at the time. If I planned my episodes out I could avoid writing about things that some people would rather not read. But, as the saying goes, "I calls em as I sees em." Supposedly, although there's not hard evidence, that saying has to do with the job of umpiring, and especially the home plate umpire who has to make a decision about balls and strikes. While I've not set myself up as the umpire over the things I express opinions about, it does reflect me giving my interpretation of my understanding. Umpires sometimes get it wrong. I do too. But, since we are all entitled to our opinion, I suppose we are also entitled to be wrong. I see folks all the time who post their views and their interpretation of the facts and the results are not even in the same ballpark with mine. Yes. I am still trying to stick with the umpire analogy. I do thank my readers for putting up with my disjointed gray cell activities from time to time. Now it is time to pay attention to the rest of the day that God has given to us. Let's all agree to make it the best that we can. May God help us to do just that. Amen. ....More later.

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