Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up." ~ Billy Sunday, (1862-1935), American athlete and influential evangelist

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday, March 8, 2016. I think I must be ready to get with it. Or, it might be the fact that I made me a cup with reduced water content. I do that occasionally just to check out the taste buds and to see if my winching is still in tact. A very hot and very strong cup of Community 100% Columbia Altura will make you sit up and take notice. It also sends a signal to the day before you that it had better get ready because ready or not, here I come! You do know that I am kidding. Well, at least some. A little. Not much. Just a little. I will be the first to admit that I do not fully understand monetary matters. But when I read about this several weeks ago even I thought Japan and other countries implementing polices to borrow and lend at negative interest rates sounded strange. Now many of the world's leading banking institutions are not only questioning this practice but challenging where it might lead, as in financial collapse. Negative interest means essentially they pay people to borrow money. Where do we get in line? Right? It's supposedly a last ditch effort to stave off deflation but many experts believe it to be a disaster just waiting to ripen. A much younger man recently put up a prophetic Bible passage the other day on Facebook talking about the political climate in our land at this time. It's all upside down. Not only here but around the globe. Negative interest rates. One more time folks. We are living in some mighty strange times.

I see all these celebrities publicly announcing how they will leave the country if a certain candidate is elected to be President of the United States. This sentiment is also a regular theme on many of the liberal point of view programs. I'm trying to figure out whether it is a threat or a promise. Meanwhile, they may want to check the official records because under the current administration people denouncing their American citizenship has set new records nearly every year. This is the administration these folks love dearly. The last one I read about was Miley Cyrus who added that she always keeps her word. Maybe those very loyal fans of hers will be moved by her threat to leave our country and it might even impact how they decide to vote, that is, if they vote at all. As for me, I cannot fathom folks wanting to renounce their identity as a citizen of our great country. At the same time I can't help but wonder if we would not be better off if some of these did decide to leave. Just me. Speaking out loud. That's part of what I do on my blog. You can see it differently if you like. And, even more so if you don't mind being wrong. (Now I really am kidding about that one.)

Many of you know that my wife is a tireless worker on behalf of serving her Lord. She is on the run most days going here and there in responding to the needs of others. Her retirement several years ago gave her a new opportunity and I commend her for all she does in seeking to honor God with the life He has given to her. This reminded me of a story a preacher told one time. He said a woman had prayed for her husband for twenty five years. She had been a faithful servant throughout their lives. Finally, praise the Lord, her husband came to know Christ as his personal Savior. The preacher said once he got saved the man threw himself into doing any and all he could do to serve. Anywhere at anytime. One day the preacher asked the man why he was so motivated. The man simply said his wife had a twenty five year head start on him and he had this recurring dream of her driving the garbage truck in heaven and giving him orders since he could see himself as being on the back of the truck. He wanted to see if maybe he could catch up before that happened. For me, I wouldn't even want to think about catching up with the wife. But, I am thankful for her and the 51 plus years we've been able to travel this road together. The photo was taken at a pajama party last week for the girls, along with their moms, who are a part of the Sunday evening AWANA program the wife works in. I'm a very blessed man. Very. Indeed. Amen. .....More later.

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