Monday, March 28, 2016

"The only way to get home from work on time is to take the day off …. even then, you’re cutting it close." ~ copied

Top of the morning to one and all on this Monday, March 28, 2016. It's good to be able to visit again as we seek to get this work week up and going. The other day I had to make a journey on behalf of the Company. I got out on one of the main highways but had to be diverted onto a side road since the major highway was blocked. Something had happened up ahead to one of those big trucks moving one of those fabricated homes. There appeared to be quite a bit of debris. I suppose that's why they called a caution. The diverted road was jammed due to all the rerouted traffic. I took some side roads and finally got out to the interstate. I made my journey. On the way back I determined to take a different route just in case the other highway was still messed up. I got nearly back to the turn off road leading to our business but it was blocked by a patrol car. I was forced to go through a little town where school was letting out and the traffic was literally moving at 10 MPH. I made it through the little town and circled to come in the back way. That access was also blocked by a patrol car. They diverted me to another by-pass route. It took nearly 45 minutes to get less than 2 miles. Having made it to the other side of the access, I was now coming from a completely different direction where I discovered another patrol car blocking the road. I learned there had been a natural gas rupture due to construction and they estimated those access roads to be closed for several more hours. I had one last shot. I had to travel another 45 minutes out of my way but I finally made it. Hallelujah! What was normally a 90-minute trip had turned into a nearly 4-hour saga but I was very thankful to have finally made my way back. I've often been accused of going in circles but this time I plead guilty, in the first degree!

We never know what a day might bring. Last Friday in the midst of all our preparations for a Saturday special program for children put on by our local fellowship and in our getting ready for our family gathering for Resurrection Sunday, we got word that my eldest sister had fallen and hit her head. She had been rushed to a local clinic but they immediately sent her by ambulance to the Houston medical center for neurosurgical observation. We hurried there to see after her and to support her three daughters who had come to help. They put her in ICU. It was Good Friday. The waiting area for that neurosurgical ICU was large but it was nearly standing room only. Late Friday afternoon. We know that medical center is a very busy place and that particular specialty is just one of hundreds that likely have the same activity on a 24-hour basis. It still kind of grabs you to see so many folks anxiously awaiting word from their loved ones. We appreciate all who are praying for our sister Frances. We were there again yesterday afternoon. She is improving in some ways but because of the trauma she suffered, she still has a ways to go. May God help all those dealing with these types of challenges. Amen.

We started out our three day weekend with certain expectations. But, that's not how it all turned out. One thing is clear. God is our help in our time of need. My sister asked and I was blessed to be able to share a prayer with her. That's what we can do when things don't go according to how we planned. Cry out to God. We did have a most wonderful Resurrection Day service with many folks coming who are not there on a regular basis. That's wonderful because anytime people hear the word of God they come in contact with the truth and we have God's own Word that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) Amen. We were also wonderfully blessed to have a time of feasting and fellowship with our family. Don't take these blessings for granted. I know on my way in this morning I was counting them out before the Lord and giving Him thanks. That's not a bad way to start our day. Take care and may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later..

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