Thursday, March 17, 2016

"The Internet is just bringing all kinds of information into the home. There's just a lot of distraction, a lot of competition for the parent's voice to resonate in the children's ears." ~ Phil McGraw, (Dr. Phil)

I thought perhaps an opening rant, maybe without the rave, would be a reasonable way to start here on this Thursday, March 17, 2016. If you are like us we do enjoy keeping up with friends and family on Facebook. We love the photos. We love the anecdotes. What I can't get used to is people who really do know better but they post either highly questionable or clearly inappropriate things for their community to see. How do I know they know better? Typically they apologize for posting what they post by saying they realize the language is bad or the implication is vulgar but it's just too good or too funny to pass up. Really? Some of these posters are parents of impressionable kids who are on Facebook as teenagers. Some of these posters are looked up to as folks who stand for moral character and traditional values. Perhaps it's time to revive and adapt the program initiated by the late Nancy Reagan to try and do something about the growing drug problem: 'Just Say No!' Do you remember that one? I would love to see it applied to those who know better but they can't seem to refrain from publicizing inappropriate material. The other thought. That stuff is out there. It stays out there. People will remember it. Something to think about. Here's what I would say posters should do: If you get to that thinking part where you see it to be borderline or worse, well, Just Say No! Just my way of seeing it. It may not be your way of seeing it. It is mine and as always I typically am unanimous in my own opinion.

I am not running to be elected as leader of the thought police and I am 100% for free speech as a right to every individual. However, I think most of us are aware that our posted words, images, and representations do have consequential influence. Hey, I've even commented very innocently and had my input to be questioned or misunderstood. I know we are living in a much more coarse world today. Some people act like this current political season is the first time the dialogue sounds like it came from the gutter. I find it interesting how Democratic Party pundits lament what they call a lack of civility added to the vulgarities being expressed by those vying for the Republican nomination. I can't deny their assessment of a lot of the forth and back soundbites. But, one wonders if they remember back when the Clinton-Lewinsky matter was being paraded 24 by 7 in all of its tawdry and embarrassing details. People were trying to make sure their children did not see the evening news. Many of these same people who are screaming the loudest were at that time first to tell us that since it was only about sex and it appeared to be consensual that we all should just grow up. I'm certainly not happy with the tone of these campaigns but this downward spiral didn't just recently fall out of the sky. During one of the short news updates last Tuesday evening concerning the results from that day's voting the wife mentioned how that it all made her stomach feel queasy. She may not be a recognized pundit but I think she pretty much nailed it. What say you?

We are enjoying something a little different this week. We have Spring Breakers in the house. Literally. We have our twins, Alesha and Amanda, and our Alexander Benjamin who came for a sleepover last night and they along with older brother Jimmy Jr., and the wife will be engaging in some fun activities today. That's what I call a change of pace. In the evenings the two of us typically retire to our recliners, watch TV, and occasionally nod off as a preview for the anticipated upcoming sleep cycle. Not so much when this bunch is around! Them being with us reminds us how much we love and appreciate the family that God has provided to us. It also helps to keep us young. Well, maybe it helps to keep the wife young. As for me, I think that particular train left the station a long time ago. Just joking, because I know that every single day that I have the mind and the physical strength that helps me to get up and go, well, that is a blessing and a reason for giving thanks to God. Thanks for hanging in there as I click and clack my keyboard in producing this stuff each day. I can't say that every blog is a winner but every visit is another opportunity for me to send out a prayer for us all, including our nation, that God would help. Amen. ....More later.

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