Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fatigued from an over production of too much disgust!

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday, March 29, 2016. Thanks for showing up today here at our regular meeting place. I am thankful to report that my sister Frances continues to make improvements and will be going home soon, perhaps as early as today, to continue her full recovery. Thanks to everyone for your prayers on her behalf. A number of the people I know have pretty much stopped paying attention to the political mess being played out each day. I think we crossed that barrier of 'how low can it go?' a long time ago and for the most part, people are just over fatigued from so much disgust. We first wondered if this is the best our nation has to offer but then more or less bailed out when we saw it was going to be not much more than a continuing circus sideshow. Some might call me pessimistic but I can't help but consider how what we are seeing is what we actually deserve. I keep thinking we will all get up one morning and this will have been a very weird dream. Alas, that doesn't seem to be a potential at this time. Therefore, I, have to a certain degree joined others who have disavowed a major contribution of their time in trying to keep up with this sleazy parade. They tell us the masses are for the most part not even tuned into all of this. For once, maybe they are the lucky ones. Just sayin.....

Sunday evening at the hospital I went down to the cafeteria to fetch some drinks. The check out person was a rather large black lady with a beautiful smile. As I approached the register she said, "About the pickup." I responded, "Mam?" She said, "The Ford. Obviously, there was a mix up last year but I'm still waiting and I'm still wishing, Santa." I then understood and pulled out one of our souvenir cards and handed it to her. She looked at it and looked at me and commented, "Just look at you." She was very excited. She told me the card wasn't enough and motioned me to give her a hug. I did. The nurse in line behind me was having a good laugh. As I was leaving she made her last appeal, "Red or black but a Ford, you hear?" I assured her that I had heard and made my way back up to the room. As I was on the elevator I couldn't help but think, "Oh what fun it is to ride the Santa sleigh, again, even in March."

I mentioned the visitors we had in our services on Resurrection Day this past Sunday. That's a good thing. It's also a common occurrence for those who do make an effort for special holiday services. Someone posted on Facebook the joke made by a nationally prominent late night talk show. He said that people who only show up for Easter services once a year are like those who only floss ten minutes before they go to the dentist. I get the point but I am still happy anytime someone attends our services regardless of the occasion. I would offer one word of caution to any and all who come under the hearing of "thus says the word of the Lord." If God moves in your heart: RESPOND. There's a huge danger in not doing so. The more one resists, the easier it is to harden the heart and there could easily come a time when that tug of the heart is no longer felt. That, my friend, is not a good thing. That would be my word of advice for today because in addition to this very serious situation, one can never count on a next time because we just never know. We do live a fragile life in a fragile world, therefore, hear God's calling and respond while there is yet time. Amen. ....More later..

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