Friday, March 18, 2016

"Please, keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested." ~ copied

Good Friday morning to one and all here on this March 18, 2016. I may not be into the super cold like I used to be but I am sure looking forward to the cool down headed our way. We've got some low 40's predicted for morning starts and that sounds great to me. I know. Some people have already been able to swim in their backyard pool. Now it's back to sweaters and jackets. That's okay. Don't worry, I've been around these parts long enough to know they will have more than their share of hot days coming soon enough. After talking so much about grammar checking I took the time to find and download a free software utility to check over my text. It's called Grammarly. The basic edition is free to use but you have to pay for the advanced. You remember me talking about the English teacher lady who used to be my secretary. Well, she either wrote this program or it seems to have a need to find the same problems she found dealing with my dangling participles, misappropriated verbs, and mangled contractions. It does have a feature that I like. It's the ignore button. It, by the way, automatically checks my work as I am typing. Thus far, in this particular paragraph, it has yet to flag anything. Maybe it stayed out too late last night. Hold on. It just told me to add that comma after the word 'paragraph'. It must have heard me talking. This should be interesting. I hope it is well aware that I do know how to delete programs. That's not a threat. We just need to understand the ground rules here. That's all. Nothing more than that.

When I put the mouse pointer over the grammar icon and it doesn't have any problems, it indicates this by using a check mark with the following comment: "No Critical Issues." That sounds a little stiff but I'll take it. How about some random bits of this, that, and the other to waste some precious time today? ~ The refrigerator is a great example of that what matters is what's inside. ~ It can be really awkward when you realize they were only being nice to you because they wanted something. ~ One fellow lamented that he was pretty sure it was too late for him to be wrapped up in a baby's blanket and left on a billionaire's doorstep. ~ You know you are in trouble when you figure out you need your glasses to find your glasses. ~ Notice how that when you really try to be a nicer person how many people line up to test you. ~ Kids today believe that if the internet were to go away the world would end, literally. ~ One fellow explained how that he and his gym recently broke up, they were just not working out. ~  It's bad when you get canned from your job at the orange juice factory because of not being able to concentrate. ~ The ad said this fellow could fix your broken clock in no time. ~ Okay. I know these are pretty lousy but let me cap them off with this final one for today: Please write on my tombstone that not appreciating my puns was a grave mistake. Thank you very much.

We come to the end of another work week and I know that many of us are looking forward to a change of pace for the weekend, Saturday, and Lord's Day Sunday. Have you ever noticed that when you plan to sleep a little later that's when you wake up early and have trouble staying in bed? It's like the other evening when the wife asked me how long it takes for me to fall asleep. I knew the reason she asked. She, like so many others, often has trouble getting to sleep. I told her that maybe five or ten minutes at the most before I am typically lights out. Well, what do you know? Her asking me that question just before my regularly scheduled shutdown caused me to still be awake some 20 minutes into the sequence. I mentioned that to her the next day. We are so easily distracted. At any rate, she didn't seem to think that 20 minutes was that big of a deal. Do the math. It was a lot longer than normal for me. Knowing the trouble so many have makes me even more thankful that I can easily fall asleep and that's one reason I have resisted tinkering with my daily schedule. When people ask I usually tell them it works for me. And, it does. I do hope everyone will have a great Saturday and that we will find ourselves in the place of worship come Lord's Day Sunday. Until next time may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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