Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"United States foreign policy, which includes national security, is literally disintegrating before our eyes." ~ Rush Limbaugh

We wake up, take stock of the day, thank the Lord for it, and we find that it is Wednesday, December 16, 2015. You do know that I can't make this stuff up folks. Did you hear about why Homeland Security did not see the social media postings of the female terrorist? They have a ban on looking at those postings out of fear it might offend particular individuals and groups. (Actual ABC News Headline: Secret US Policy Blocks Agents From Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants, Former Official Says) She had posted and her rants were available to view where she expressed her desire to commit Jihad. They didn't look at it. They didn't want anyone to be offended. They would look at mine if I applied for a job. They would look at yours if you applied for some program. But, those individuals seeking entrance into our country, oh no, we would not want to risk some bad relations with particular individuals or groups. This decision to maintain this ban on the review of social media was made by the Homeland Security Director himself. Isn't it interesting they care so much about not offending the rights of non-citizens while they seemingly trample all over the rights of legitimate citizens? These problems originate at the very top and they become systemic throughout the system based on those individuals appointed to high office. Could something had been done to prevent these most recent killings out in California? We may never know the answer to that question but what we are finding out is chilling enough. In fact, I could hardly believe what I was reading. But, when we are living in the Twilight Zone, anything is possible. Anything at all.

I'm just reading the stuff that everyone else reads. If that one doesn't get our attention I don't know what will. The other day I purchased a gift online and had it delivered to the store. I listed the wife as the person designated to pick up the product. You would not have believed all the information I had to provide on her in order to qualify her to pick up that package. They were not concerned about my or her privacy. In addition, they indicated she would need to bring a copy of the email confirmation along with her valid identification proof. I'm not being facetious here. If Toys-R-Us can take steps to make sure only the right person picks up an order, it seems our government could do at least that well on folks screened and granted approval to enter our country. I think one of the reasons we are getting these bits of information in pieces is to somehow lessen the blow. Release it all at one time and everyone might wake up and smell the coffee. Doing it piecemeal and all the lemmings go about their business without noticing the huge danger among us. I know. That was intentionally dramatic. I was checking it out just to see if anyone is seeing what I see. Okay. I think I had better take a cool down and get back on this one later. We can all go back to our normal routine now.

I do appreciate those of you who stay until the end. Who knows? I might actually have something positive before I close down for this edition. The other day I had a couple of well dressed children who came up to me, a boy about 12 and his sister about 8 or 9. They wanted their photo made and I asked them what they would like for Christmas. In that ringing British accent the young girl spoke first, "Kind Sir if it is possible I would like a new dress for my dolly." The boy piped in, "I would like a new bike but a recycled one would be just great." He then added, "We don't want to ask for too much because we would not want to be greedy." Mummy and Daddy observed all of this and stood there with a very approving look. They seemed ever so sincere. Sorry. I was locked into that cheerio and all of that lingo stuff. They were refreshing to say the least. "We would not want to be greedy." Now that's a value our children could all learn from. Some might think the two page list for a five year old is cute but I think these two have their priorities in proper order. At least that's what Santa thought and he was, after all, an eyewitness to the whole caper. Have a great rest of the day and I'll keep reading and see if I can find something for us when we get back together. Until then, may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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