Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thankful to be continuing the journey that God has provided to me.

Hello Tuesday. The last one for 2015 on this 29th day of December. The wife will soon busy herself in taking down all our Christmas decorations. She does a wonderful job of transforming our home into a wonderland of Christmas celebration. We have a few maintenance items to take care of regarding our alter egos, The Santa Claus and his Mrs. It mainly involves caring for the outfits. We have been talking about replacing Mrs. Claus' dress this year. I wore my new Suit this past season. It was very well received. It is smaller and more comfortable than its predecessor and I didn't wear any padding this season. I did get a few questions about the absence of a big belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. The parents typically jumped in and explained how Santa had become health conscious. Really? Today I changed to the black and white photo to give you an idea about my normal persona. I continue to get questions about the beard. To cut it back or not. That seems to be the question. I've run into folks we knew well a number of years ago but haven't seen them for a long time. They had seen the photos on Facebook but they were not completely aware of just how Santa looking I had become in person. They were taken aback a little. "That's some beard!" But, time to get on with my regular life that we do our best to handle some ten months out of the year. Instead of people mistaking me for the jolly old dude they might just offer me some money for a bit of food and a cup of coffee.

I do want to send a shout out to my sister Jo Ann. Today is her birthday. Somewhere along the way she became overcome with a particular very much sought after attribute: Caring. She cares. About a whole lot of things. It shows. She thinks about the plight of others. Constantly. She will be the first to share a missing person notice. She doesn't have pets herself but she respects the love that so many do have for their pet companions. She has leukemia. Thus far it is the treatable form. She has many other health challenges. She is a campaigner for those who suffer from serious diseases, especially cancer. She loves family. She loves history and memorabilia about family. She hurts when others hurt. She loves sending cards to cheer up others. Everyone needs a Jo Ann in their family and I'm thankful God put her in ours. Happy Birthday Sis and may God continue to bless. Amen.

The President is still on vacation but he continues to make us all aware of what he plans for his last year in office. I respect the office he holds. I respect him for being able to achieve that office. His liberal philosophy runs counter to everything I hold dear. He now says he will find every way possible to impact our nation with ambitious change before he leaves. Those in the House and Senate who claim to be on our side have pretty much capitulated before, during, and after when it comes to mounting any type of opposition to these assaults against our traditions and our way of life. I for one do not want to be like some other country where anything goes. I mention this to prepare us for what might be coming but at the same time I must remind myself and everyone else that God is in control. He permitted this man to rise to power. He permitted this man and his followers to undermine the basic respect for God and His laws for humanity. He permitted. But, He will one day make all things right. He will. I know He will. I have His word on it and He has never failed to keep His word. We can't count on anything in this world but we can always count on God. Amen. .....More later.

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