Friday, December 4, 2015

"Never in the written history of warfare, from Megiddo in 1,500 B.C. to the Syrian Civil war today, is there any evidence that wars are caused by warmer air." Retired General Bob Scales, who also holds a Ph.D. from Duke in military history

Still at it. That would be correct. Closing in on writing and publishing nearly 2200 of these daily visits I most likely ran out of material a long time ago. But, as you can see, even that has not stopped my daily effort to beat up on as many keystrokes as I can. Thanks to all of you who have made this journey with me as we find ourselves to have landed on Friday, December 4, 2015. I haven't had the time to really dig into it but I've heard in recent days that so called experts are saying that climate change is claimed to be the motivating factor in all kinds of calamitous acts including terrorism, war, and conflicts around the world. Climate change? I suppose we all know that weather does impact our mood. But on the surface it does seem hard to believe if not downright laughable that climate would be the reason all of these horrific things are taking place. The old Gospel quartet song came to my mind as both the diagnosis and the remedy for humanity's condition: "People often see you as you are outside; Jesus really knows you, for He sees deep down inside; How about your heart, Is it right with God? That's the thing that counts today. How about your heart? Is it right with God? That's the thing that counts today: Is it black by sin, is it pure within, Could you ask Christ in to stay?" (Song: 'How About Your Heart?' written by Bennie S. Triplett - 1954.) I doubt this analysis and it's solution will be discussed anytime soon at the United Nations but that doesn't change the truth, not one iota. Amen.

You are free to your own assessments but in almost every critical event one should withhold their knee jerk evaluations until the facts are fully known. Many prominent folks, that is, if you call people in the media referred to as celebrities as being prominent, tweeted out their opinions about the tragic killings out in San Bernardina, California, indicating it was likely the work of right wing redneck white racists or people of that ilk. While we do not know the whole story yet we do know the individual who is assumed to have been the leader of the attacks was reported to have been a devout Muslim. He and his accomplice wife who were both killed by the police were Muslims. There does appear to be some radicalization as a part of the picture. He had previously worked for the state agency that appears to have been targeted, therefore, we might assume our President will call it another instance of workplace violence. You might recall how in 2009 the radicalized US Army Major Nidal Hassan killed 13 and injured 32 in a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas. Our government called it an instance of workplace violence which denied the Purple Heart to the military folks who were gunned down that day. It took a change in the law to finally right this wrong. Because of this change which took years to become enacted those entitled are finally being awarded this deserved medal. This means that upon their retirement they will become eligible for special combat-related compensation as well as the right to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. Here's a continuing conundrum for me: How is it that something can be so clear to the overwhelming majority of the American people but it is made into something entirely different by our President and his administration? That's one I will never understand.

That's some serious and to many they are depressing topics for a Friday or any other day as far as that goes. However, it's not hopeless. Go back and re-read those song lyrics in the first paragraph because Jesus is the only hope for the needs of people who occupy our world. He is the only Way. This has been some week for us. The Santa and Mrs. Claus program has been at it every evening this week since Tuesday and we have another event tonight and a six hour run tomorrow. We also have the children's Birthday Party for Jesus at our local fellowship on Sunday morning and another commitment for Sunday evening. And, I continue to get calls asking about our availability. Where have all the Santa's gone? Most of them we cannot do but we are appreciative for the word of mouth that has been our promotional vehicle since we started. I know the white beard and the professional attire are important but at the same time I would like to think our tremendous love for the little ones is what sets us apart. I do hope you end up your week with a great Saturday and that you will consider starting out the brand new week by showing up at the place where God's people gather to worship Him and learn more about Him from His Holy Word. Until next time, may God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. ....More later. 

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