Friday, July 10, 2015

"Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?" ~ Author Unknown

It's Friday, July 10, 2015, and I am happy to send out a hearty hello to one and all. The wife's going to Branson had to be cancelled. Her sister is having some complications from her recent cataract surgery, therefore, the wife will be heading over to Louisiana next week to be with her sister when they do the other eye. That hopefully will help resolve her problems. I may have figured out why my right hand has been acting up lately. It could be from waving it so much as my wife leaves the premises. I couldn't resist that one. Yes. A drum roll would have been a nice touch. You think what? It would be a good idea for me to keep my day job. Thanks for the advice. Speaking of the traveler in chief in our home, after she found out about the trip being cancelled she called and told me she had some good news for me. How would that be good news for me? That's right. She reads my blogs too. I mentioned earlier about that knock down delicious lunch she cooked up last Sunday. It was good. She thought so too. This must have encouraged her. I came home from work the other evening and she had another wonderful spread being finished up. Cornbread dressing, English peas, fresh cucumbers in vinegar, homegrown tomatoes, yeast rolls, and iced tea. It was ever so delicious. I enjoyed it greatly. The next morning my fasted blood sugar was 91. When you figure out how that could have happened please let me know. You remember that walk down memory lane I mentioned the other day, well, with this additional culinary delight she sure made that lane well traveled this week.

Summer Santa gathering.
I continue to be inundated with notices on all the Santa Claus activities that are ongoing. I never guessed there were so many Santa associations. Local chapters, district, state and national, and many of these fellows have known each other for years. I obviously have led a somewhat sheltered Santa experience. The ten formal groups I joined on Facebook have produced a lot of information for me to peruse. It has also produced a huge number of friend requests. I've accepted most of them. Why? Think about it. How in the world can you say no to Santa? He is, after all, the keeper of The List. The main formal paid membership organization I joined has about 1500 members. It is called the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, (IBRBS). I read one posting where a long term Santa was contemplating his work going forward without Mrs. Claus. She has recently taken her last sleigh ride to her heavenly home. (Figure of speech. Please don't send me any theological clarifications. Thanks.) He was obviously sad. He also was sure of one thing. His daughter had no interest whatsoever in becoming the assistant Elf. My point? Life can be challenging folks. Even for someone who does their best to bring joy to boys and girls of all ages. Who knows? Maybe he will find a dating site for Santas who are looking for a Mrs. Claus. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I don't know if there is an official complaint department and since I'm not one to complain, I'll just use my readers as a sounding board on this one. I see so many little cartoons posted that may bring a smile to some, but, it could be the source of pain for others. I've seen the one above several times. It typically is accompanied by some very cutting remarks. All that laughing out loud and stuff like that. Don't people recognize there are some of us who are very sensitive? Making a handbag out of her husband? Please! That hurts on some many levels. Okay. I'm just pulling your leg. I've used that little image before. I like it so I tried to come up with a story to go with it. Nothing more than that. I've probably used a few cartoons along the way that could have been borderline at best. That should do it for the week. I don't have a full week of being all alone at home. Just a few days. When she returns her sister will be accompanying her for a visit. You never know what might happen when those twins born 18 months apart are together. We always enjoy Dorothy's visits. During my alone time perhaps I can do some research on old fashioned home cooked meals and their positive impact on fasted blood sugars. Maybe not. I do hope you have an enjoyable Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I'll see what bubbles to the top for the next episode. It will be like a coming attraction. For you. For me also. May God bless. Amen. ...More later.

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