Friday, July 24, 2015

Senator John McCain's response to Donald Trump: "Many men and some women who served and sacrificed and happened to be held prisoner. To denigrate that service in any way is offensive to veterans."

I did make it back. My body did at least. My mind may still be on its way back from Louisiana. The good news is how we made it without a problem with the wife's car. For that and so many other things we are thankful. It's Friday, July 24, 2015 and I bid each and everyone a very hearty hello. I did a drive by to say embrace my mom and dad. That's always a great blessing. They do have their challenges but thanks be to God they are still able to function on their own. The media is really playing up Donald Trump's run for the nomination for President. They love the stuff flying forth and back between him and the other 15 folks who have thrown their hats into the ring. He has hit a nerve with his comments on immigration, gun rights, and other topics that certain people respond to. I'm not a John McCain fan. I don't care for his brand of politics. However, anyone who attacks his record as an officer who served during the Vietnam war, well, I reject their attacks and them as a candidate, out of hand, period. McCain not only served but was shot down over Vietnam and suffered some of the harshest torture reported during is five years as a prisoner of war. Donald Trump says he wouldn't even be a war hero had he not been shot down. Donald Trump says he prefers those who didn't get captured. Donald Trump didn't serve. He received multiple deferments from his draft board. My take is that he has plenty to question Senator McCain based on his record in the Senate. His attack on a recognized war hero is an attack on all those who were captured and suffered in all wars. That's the way I see it, therefore, Donald Trump has disqualified himself, in my opinion. (Full disclosure requires me to say I did not serve either and I was subject to the draft during that time. Once we started our family I did receive a draft status change that was a type of deferment. I would never attack the reputation of those who did serve including some of my best buddies who died in the war.)

There's also the question of character but after this episode I'll not comment further. Who would I like to see become our next President of the United Sates? No name comes immediately to mind. Of those who have announced I am drawn some to Dr. Ben Carson, an African American Doctor who openly confesses a need for our nation to be guided by the Godly values we once treasured. I hear the chorus singing already and I know the tune all too well. The words go like this: "He doesn't have a chance, he doesn't have chance. You would be wasting your vote." I've always thought that to be a very shameful response to people following their conscience. The good news for me is that if he were to be my choice it will not be my first time to waste my vote but I don't see it as wasted because in the past I voted what I believed in my own heart is the way God would have me to. When one does that, they cannot do any better to honor the freedoms we hold dear. I think I hear God Bless America playing in the background so I best move on down the road.

Now for something a little different. What's a person's odds of being struck by lightning and survive? What's a person's odds of winning the lottery? Peter McCathie, a Canadian, can claim that he has done both! He was hit by lightning as a 14 year old while on a boating trip. He and a co-worker recently won a million dollar lottery. I know what you really want to know. What are the odds of those two things occurring in a person's lifetime? One in 2.6 trillion. Now you know. I sure hope he knows the Lord because God has made it clear: "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?" (Mark 8:36) I too have had a close call or two that made me aware of God's providence and His provision. It's always a good thing to recognize His working in our lives. Speaking of that I do hope you have a great Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. Lord willing I will hanging around at a electronically produced blog near you come next Monday. Until then, may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen.   ....More later.

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