Thursday, July 16, 2015

Urban Dictionary. You can't make this stuff up. An expression said in response to an an unbelievable fact or piece of news.

Reunited with their real brothers.
Good morning and welcome. It's Thursday, July 16, 2015, and it's a good day. I wanted to start with something that was very amazing to me. Just when you think you've heard of just about everything under the sun then you read one that just knocks you down. Over twenty four years ago two sets of identical twins ended up in the same hospital in Bogota`, Columbia, South America. Now get this. They were accidentally switched as infants and sent home with parents who raised the two sets of twins up as being non-identical fraternal twins. Through an uncanny set of events they have been recently reunited with their respective true twin. Their story is a long one. I know someone out there may want to read it. You can find it by Googling "The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogota`". Amazing. (My wife read the story and you can ask her, it's an emotional and captivating personal account.) One set raised in the city very middle class while the other was raised in the hard to believe just how primitive in the hard to get to back country. An essay chronicling this saga was published in the New York Times Magazine. Can you imagine being raised with a twin brother who is not really even your brother at all? Like I say, I've bumped into some strange stuff but this one might take the cake. At least for now. Four boys who love each other as brothers and now they have discovered their real brothers to love as well. Four boys and that one might just get four Wows!!!!

The wife and I cannot deny that we are moving on down the road. That 70 MPH sign is also a very near and present coming event for us as an age marker. Occasionally we get a glimpse into how things will be if the Lord grants us more time in our sojourn here. As most of you know I was able to not take any medications for nearly 60 years. Mr. Diabetes showed up and that changed. As the kids say, Big Time! I'm not complaining because the two handfuls I take each day help to keep Mr. D. somewhat under control. The other evening I had my handful ready to swallow and I felt one of them hit the top of my barefoot. I had dropped one. It rolled away but I quickly spotted it and picked it up and all was well. We both laughed. In about an hour she was handling her handful and as she put them up to her mouth one jumped out. She took the rest of them. She couldn't find the one that fell. She had no way of knowing which one it was. She finally went and fetched the flashlight and there we were down on the floor looking for her wayward pill. It was the baby aspirin. Laugh again. Might as well because I have a feeling that it will get even funnier as we go forward.

I suppose it will be different when the laughing stops. Hopefully that won't happen anytime soon. She would have even more to laugh about if she knew some of the stuff I get myself into. That's why I often mention to you that I share only those things I choose to write about. As the old saying goes, "There's plenty where that came from." At least I can laugh at myself. There are situations where it takes me a while to do the laughing part. In the heat of the battle it may not immediately be so amusing. I've also found there are those around that will remind you of your missteps. That's why I try to follow the admonition from yesteryear, "Loose lips sinks ships." You what? You think if there's more stuff I'm not sharing it makes the stuff I do share seem pretty far out already. That's one way of looking at it. Let's just change the subject and see if we can move on down the road. Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with something that will even surprise me. It could happen. It could. It really could. Until then, may our Great God add His blessings to our day. Amen. ....More later.

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