Friday, June 26, 2015

You learn something new everyday. My Paw Paw was right.

Welcome back. Especially for those who saw that yesterday was mostly politics and you did your version of "let me get away from this page as quickly as I can." The only thing that bothers me about people tuning out is the fact that, the way I see it, those holding power, well, they are counting on the majority of folks doing just that, looking the other way as quickly as they can. But, enough of that. Hey, in case you missed it, it's Friday, June 26, 2015, and the weekend will soon be upon us. I've recently joined a number of Santa organizations. I had no idea. There are a lot of them. I also have been surprised at the number of Santa fellows who pretty much work full-time. They do festivals, fairs, car shows, promotional ventures, and all other types of events. Many of them travel around the country doing their thing. On the social networking sites the members exchange thoughts and ideas about any and all things related to this beloved character. There are also Mrs. Claus members, elf members, reindeer members, and other Christmas character members. Some organizations are for real beard only. (I qualify.) I am so impressed with so many that do so much charity work as they seek to bring joy to those dealing with difficult circumstances, kids of all ages, from hospitals to nursing homes, to fund raisers of all kinds to help alleviate suffering. Impressive. There are also a sizable number of professional Santa schools. Who knew? Live and learn. Okay. One last thing: There are some really good looking Santas out there. I didn't know there were that many good ones. That's okay. Or, at least I think that's okay. What say you?

One of my all time favorites. Two years ago with mom and dad.
I received a note from the Santa that does our big local mall. He wants us to get together when he returns. In November. He must be an out of town recruit. I've run into a number of people over the past several years who play the jolly old elf. I remember one time when I was doing the big Jr. League production at the hotel and a fellow Santa bumped into me. He said, "Hey, look, you and I are identical twins." He may have been in his thirties and his fake beard was not even a good one. Identical twins? Not on your life, Bucko! Speaking of twins, I ran into a fellow in a store near my job site the other day and he told me he had been doing an annual photo shoot for the last 10 years with the same 22 sets of twins. Now that has to be a unique adventure. He seemed proud of the fact that he had a huge belly and wanted everyone to know that, unlike myself, he didn't need any padding. That was obvious from the unbuttoned sides of his overalls. Here's a little dose of reality in the Santa world. I saw on one of the Santa sites devoted to the business aspects a number of photos posted by a lady who was selling off her husband's large portfolio of Santa suits and accessories. Her husband had recently taken his last sleigh ride from this life to the next. Speaking of that, I am also impressed that so many of my fellow Santa brethren openly confess their Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. You have most likely not heard the last about all of this. I'm not sure that's a promise or a threat.

I don't have a word quota but I'm sure that I've exceeded my limit this week. I suppose it's like the old saying. If you don't have a target you will hit it every time. Some weeks I think about all the stuff I've written about and it reminds me of that Hank Snow song that I remember Johnny Cash singing: "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere...." He then would sing out the different places he had been. Maybe I could sing it using the different subjects I've hit on. Maybe not. Sounds like work. I used the sleigh motif to indicate travel to connect to the theme, I've been everywhere man. So, they don't always work out. What else is new? The wife did perk up a little when I told her they have a huge Santa gathering and convention scheduled for next year in Branson. I knew she had been there too many times when she accidentally penciled it in as her hometown on a form one day. You do know I'm kidding. Right? Going to something like that would most likely make for good photo ops. Okay. The week has been intense. I do hope you and yours are well as we anticipate Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. Take care and Lord willing I'll mosey on up to the computer keyboard come next Monday morning. May God bless. Amen. ...More later.

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