Monday, June 29, 2015

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." ~ Roger Miller

Good morning and welcome to where it will be Monday, June 29, 2015, for most of the day as I understand how it works. Last Thursday evening we saw a 20% chance fill up all the ditches in our neighborhood with rain water. There was a chance of a thunder storm and we got ours. It rained and trained for a little over an hour. Even though we are supposedly ahead by 12 inches for the year, we actually needed that shower. The reason is how amazingly hot it got in a heartbeat. After day after day of downpours, it stopped, and it was turn up the heat time. Steaming heat. And, the yard was beginning to show just a slight discoloration. It doesn't take long. The storm knocked out the satellite for a while. No TV. Our twin granddaughters were there for a visit with us. Alesha was asleep on the couch. Amanda and her MiMi decided to sit out in the garage and watch the rain storm. I joined them for a while as well. It reminded me how that back in the day we did that a whole lot more than we do today. It was refreshing. Maybe we'll try it again someday. Maybe.

I made my annual physical last Friday. The wife and I have the same primary care. We like him a lot. He's young but very thorough.  He is probably in his mid thirties but that's young to me. Speaking of that, he and I were having a lively discussion about diabetes treatment medications and he goes into this spiel about how they've learned to be careful in driving the numbers too low in older patients. I didn't show up on behalf of my dad. Then it hit me. Can you imagine this? He actually talked about treating older people and he included me in that designation. I could have sworn he was talking about someone else. Then he has the audacity to say that he had looked at the tracking information on the computer and it looked to him as if maybe my blood sugar numbers go higher when my weight goes higher. What are you trying to say doc? I told him that I knew that already but losing the ten pounds I need to lose has not been easy. He grunted. I then offered how that my morning finger pricks have been pretty good. That being the case I asked why my A1C number is not as good as we would like for it to be. He didn't hesitate. He said that while having good numbers in the morning is a good thing there's 16 more hours in the day to be concerned about. How do you like that? Maybe he's thinking about doing comedy on the side. All I hear now is the Final Jeopardy theme playing in the background as I await all those lab reports.

I joke. I do greatly appreciate Dr. Tony Nguyen and especially his patience and his focus. What's that? Oh yeah. The fact that he puts up with me is pretty remarkable in and of itself? Okay. It seems you know me better than I thought. It is a team effort and so far he's done his part pretty well. I'm still working on those ten pounds and the other 16 hours. We heard a great sermon yesterday where our pastor attempted to put into some perspective the recent astounding changes going on in our nation. Our highest court has made decisions that will essentially change the fabric of our culture. His sermon talked about what we know to be true. God is Sovereign. God is true. God's truth is perfect. Whatever God tells us will stand because He is eternal. These societal changes are actually mentioned as signs of the times in the Scriptures. Therefore, we must stay the course. Stay faithful. Love everyone. Share the Gospel. Time is slipping away. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating as we heard again the old old story. Take care, have a great day, and may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen.

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