Monday, October 10, 2011

This is the day to reflect upon how politically incorrect Columbus was!

Good morning and welcome. We find ourselves here again and if you were in the room you would hear a familiar tune being played by my keyboard. It's not that pleasant and it does hit spots where nothing is heard but it's good to be able to do my own little click clacking as we start off this brand new Monday, October 10, 2011. Today is Columbus Day and when I was a lad growing up Christopher Columbus was presented as a major figure in the discovery of the new world. Today, because of political correctness, many have revised their opinions of him, especially as it relates to his treatment of native peoples and stuff like that. Because of this he is now presented as a great destroyer instead of a great discoverer. I still think he must have been a pretty bold fellow given the fact that everyone was afraid of sailing off the end of the earth. Did he have some things in his life that were not as they should be? Of course. How about you and I, do we have any things in our lifetime that we could have done better or differently? These historical revisionist folks just knock me down. They are so busy rewriting history based on their view of today's standards, they end up pretty much making it, not history, but something entirely different than what really happened. I actually thought that history was exactly that, telling it exactly like it happened, not how it should have happened based on a particular point of view or a set of laws enacted hundreds of years later. I've heard some of these liberal professors trashing our founding fathers based on this type of retrospective analysis. Were many of our historical heroes flawed? Yes. But, God works through flawed folks to accomplish His plan and purpose and we thank God that He did that in history and He still does that exact same thing today. Amen.

I know that most of you know that the mainstream media hates the Tea Party movement. I am not officially aligned with it and while I am registered as a Republican, I consider myself to be about as independent as they come. Let me also say that while there is no doubt that some in the Tea Party are bigoted, the vast majority are patriotic Americans who want to see a limited government that does not intrude on the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution. The media people hate this group. On the other hand, they love these folks who are out in the streets protesting against the free enterprise system. They love them. They really do. They gush over them. These folks, many of which, who believe in anarchy, reflect to our mainstream media what America is really all about. Not the folks who protest in a very respectful and orderly fashion. Not the folks who start their meetings with a prayer to Almighty God. Not the folks who clean up after themselves. These are the ones they hate. But they love those calling for a radical overthrow of the financial institutions that have made possible the very facilities being abused by these protestors. Should we be surprised? I'm not saying we don't have a greed problem in this country. I'm not saying that our institutions are not polluted by pay offs and back room dealing. However, we stand up for right by following the laws of this land and we have the right to petition our government to change those laws when they permit corruption to reign. Let's face the facts here. The mainstream media hates the Tea Party movement because they reflect values, principles, and traditions that irritate folks who consider themselves to be enlightened. Give me a break. Those smelly youngsters who are shouting antisemitic slogans and crying out for Communism? Those are the ones we should be holding up as examples to our children? Again, I'm not saying the Tea Party doesn't have its fair share of kooks and folks whose ideology is rooted in hate, however, on balance, if I have to make a choice, I'm going with the God bless America group every time, period, end of story.

That's the way I see it. Not everyone sees it the way I do. They are entitled to be wrong. Just joking. They are entitled to their opinion and for some reason the mainstream media doesn't like anyone who disagrees with their view of the world. By the way, most of them operate 100% based on the profit incentive. Those commercials actually provide the means for them to spew out their positions. I include them all in this statement. Even those who claim to be fair and balanced, even those who have non profit status, they all have people who are paid, those payments come from somewhere. Those endowments reflect fortunes made by folks who engaged themselves in free market capitalism. How funny is that? The announcer should say, "We now return to our bashing of the very capitalistic system that provides us the resources to do our bashing." Some of the most obvious in their slanted reporting chase ratings like there's no tomorrow. Why? It's called a paycheck provided by a system that generates profits and that system, even with all its flaws, is the one that built the inventions and innovations that permeate our society. Are you tired yet? I know I am. But, in the end, you can always know that at least you have heard my side of the story, you know, The View From Here. That sounds like a good title for a blog. It's already taken. By the hundreds. But, there's only one that belongs to me. Have a blessed Monday and Lord willing I'll find something less inflammatory to share for tomorrow. Ya'll take care now.                .....More later.

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