Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I could get used to this cooler air, in a heartbeat, Vern!

Yesterday morning we pulled us a 48 degree here at the Company. (53 degrees this morning and I'll take that one too!) While I am not a Mary Poppins fan, I do think that sweet number deserves a resounding: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I enjoyed having the door wide open here at the office as that cool air permeated the room. Guess what? Not everyone likes cooler air. They particularly don't like leaving the door open on a cool morning. We do live with some weird people, don't we? What's that? Yes, they do. You talking about me? You are kidding, right? Oh, you're not kidding but that's okay because I was able to enjoy the sweet relief for a couple of hours before they showed up. But, just how in the world are you doing, anyway, on this Tuesday, October 4, 2011? I bet you enjoyed that cool air also. Last Saturday I tried to drive my wife to work with the window down but she was having no part of it. On Saturday evening when I picked her up I had the moon roof open and the windows down but she soon had me button everything up. My theory is to enjoy it while it lasts because as the Bible verse clearly states, "And it came to pass...." Therefore, we know this cool down will likely pass and give way to another round of that muggy stuff but in the meantime I will try to store up as much of this as I can, and I'll try not to be distracted by the grown man I see shivering from the cold. I need to send that dude to a little refresher cold tolerance boot camp conducted by my Paw Paw Mac.

I saw a news item celebrating the 61st birthday of color television. That goes all the way back to 1950. We didn't get our first black and white until either 1955 or 1956, and I'm thinking our first color television may have been the one my wife and I purchased in 1966. At any rate, let me be the first to say how much I enjoy that invention on the big wide screen where those cars running in circles at 200 miles per hour make you flinch, they appear so close. And what would we do without HD? That's high definition for those who may not recognize the logo. We become spoiled so quickly. Sometimes they have trouble on our satellite feed with the HD signal and we have to watch it in regular definition. But I don't won't to watch it like that. I want the full experience on the wide screen. That's right. The fellow who once was very satisfied to watch Gene Autry on a black and white small screen TV is now unhappy if he can't read the name tag of someone sitting in the grandstands from a quarter mile away. Speaking of being spoiled, we received this photo of our little great granddaughter, our little bundle of Madelyn Joy. Madi, as she is called, was up in a tree at her Paw Paw's house, our eldest son, and the photo was taken by her Aunt Brittany using her cell phone. Cell phone. That's right. I'm still trying to figure out how to make and receive calls. Maybe not quite that bad but talk about a good picture! And talk about a bundle of joy, in fact, a bundle of Madalyn Joy!

Many of the guys who work at our company are very excited about the Texans football team. They won a close game this past Sunday and that seemed to be the huge topic yesterday morning. That, along with the cooler weather. I watched a little of that football game. I watched a little of the NASCAR race. I keep up a little with the major league baseball playoffs. But, I no longer have that fire in the belly desire that compels me to watch. I saw some young ladies on the sideline of one of the big college football games. Their team lost in the last seconds. They were crying. Crying. It's a football game. No one was killed or injured. They were crying. I can't remember that I have ever cried over a sporting event but I can remember when I was up to my ears in commitment. I felt myself tensing up Sunday afternoon as the Texans looked like they might find a way to lose. I could feel that adrenalin coursing through my veins. I have that happen occasionally when I try to help Jeff Gordon on the track by leaning with him as he goes for the win. It just doesn't happen as much as it did back in the day. I can more easily take it or leave it. This doesn't mean that I will choose to join my wife in watching one of those chick flick things anytime soon. In fact, I am pretty sure I would just as soon watch one of those test pattern thingies that checks out your pixels. Come to think about it I haven't run that test in a while now, better make myself a note. Okay. I've never denied anyone the pleasure of thinking they are glad they are not me. See. I do bring something to the table. Have a blessed day. Amen.           .....More later.

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