Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still stirring that pot, but folks, don't you think it's about time for us to do something about it?

Good Thursday morning here on this September 8, 2011. I'm not sure what Mayor Bloomberg up in New York City is up to but it does seem incredible that he would specifically not invite any clergy or any first responders from the fire and police forces to be a part of the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack coming up this Sunday, September 11. To leave out those who represent the Lord God of heaven and those who heroically risk their lives when such calamities occur boggles the mind. One person told me he thought maybe leaving any mention of God out could be a prophetic act that in many ways depicts where we are as a nation. The mayor said he didn't have the room because the commemoration is for the families and not for others. He did make room for a huge number of politicians and I know that does not surprise anyone. And then these folks who hold office are left to ponder why the public has so little respect for their elected officials. In fact, a recent survey indicated that over 80% of the American people would like to see the entire Congress turned out of office. Why? Enough is enough and failure is failure no matter what label you wear on your suit lapel, Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian. Bottom line: Let's try someone different and hope for a different result!

That's not likely to happen because we have allowed the system to favor the incumbent so much so that it is difficult, not impossible, but difficult to unseat a sitting member of the Congress. But, that's enough about all of that for one day. I maybe need to give all the political stuff a rest since it often is like talking about the weather, we all talk about it, but no one does much about it. We did have a most wonderful kick off for our first inner city Bible club for this new season, last Tuesday evening. We had about 40 kids and we had a blast. We've got several new ones this year and one little guy was so cute when he asked me, "Are you Santa Claus' brother?" We had several who asked for one on one counseling at the end of our lesson, therefore, we know that God is at work in the lives of these little ones. I'm always pretty much wasted in terms of being tired when we finish each Tuesday evening but I can tell you it surely goes in the column marked Good Tired. And, I ask you, where else are you going to find a 65 year old fellow who gets recognized as Santa and who is also the long term cheer leader in the program? You heard it right, cheer leader. Look it up, check it out, and let me know if you find someone else who hits on all of these distinctions.

I know quite a few folks who don't drink coffee. They are about as sad a lot as I have ever seen. Just kidding. But, on a cool morning, when the air is brisk and you sit back and enjoy that cup of hot, black Community, made strong enough to bring a smile to Paw Paw Mac's face, well, it may get better than that, but you would have to do some proving. You are not sure about someone who gets excited over a cup of coffee? While I wouldn't go to the mat in trying to answer that one, I can tell you that it just happens to come with the package and I can't help it, because it is one of those small little extras in life that seems to make it all better. And, I think we all can agree that anything in the current environment that makes it a little better, go for it because there's plenty on the other side of the ledger. Yet, regardless, we who know the Lord are never down and out, we are always on our way to be in His presence, and it is how we make the journey that matters most, especially in terms of our influence for good on those He brings into our lives. Now, another sip, and a wrap up of today's musings along with a prayer of blessing on us all as we continue our sojourn here. Amen.   .....More later.

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