Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The mornings are cool but the political rhetoric is scalding hot.

I did see some of our guys bundled up yesterday like maybe a frost was on the ground. I just have to tell you that just knocks me down. I would go up to those dressed that way and recall to them what my grandfather used to ask me: "Son, what in the world are you going to do when it really does turn cold?" Yeah, me too, it does seem like the wrong day here on a Wednesday, but because of the holiday we are already here, middle of the week, as they call it, hump day, on this September 7, 2011. I watched the President's speech on Labor Day from Detroit. I saw it live and I know he was in a deep dark blue Democrat Party setting, but even given this, I was somewhat appalled at the tone of his rhetoric especially when he spoke about those who disagree with his policies and approaches. While I would have expected some partisan rancor, this was so over the top it actually made me a little angry. I agree with the President that he along with all members of Congress should put party aside and do what's right for the nation. I couldn't agree more. But, I also am very unhappy with his name calling and vilification of those who disagree with his solutions. While his PR people say they are not driven by the polls, (all politicians say that), I am more than sure they are aware that according to the latest Gallup survey, at least 50% or more of the American people are unhappy with his performance and when asked about the economy that disapproval number sky rockets. It would seem counter intuitive to call the majority who you need to help right the ship of state a bunch of bad names and insult them as a way of making progress. Granted, the union bosses all used even more hateful name calling and the entire event was somewhat sickening to me. To me it was not very presidential and there were certainly no positive messages as far as I could tell. We are in bad shape folks and it just seems to get more so each day.

My wife says she doesn't know why I even listen to President Obama. He is the President of the United States, that's why I listen to him, and I still have respect for him as a person, and I certainly have great respect for the office he holds. As many of you know I am a NASCAR fan, not diehard, but a fan nonetheless who does pay attention to the sport. I was disappointed when five of the ten drivers invited chose not to attend a special presentation and meeting with the President of the United States. No matter how they responded to why they chose not to attend, the message was sent that these individuals had snubbed the President's invitation. To me, in our nation, that's the ultimate invitation, regardless of who it is that sits in the oval office. I heard their explanations and while they seemed reasonable for almost any other invite, they sounded very lame when it came to the negative attention they got from the national media. NASCAR for years has tried to shed its image as a red neck, mostly confederate flag waving, guys and gals who enjoy showing off the wide gaps previously occupied by their now missing teeth. My opinion is that unless there was a dire emergency involving family, these drivers should have shown up out of respect for the office of the president and for the overall good of the sport that abundantly provides for them. You may have liked their decision and while I didn't that's what we call different strokes for different folks here in the wonderful home of the brave and land of the free.

We had three of our workers here who were evacuated out of their homes because of the threat of fire. As of this morning they still do not know if their homes are still standing. I told one fellow who called to check on us that it takes on a whole new meaning when close to home means exactly that, close to home. There's a Facebook page set up for our county where people can update the community on the wildfires and road closings and lost homes, etc. Some of the postings are gut wrenching. Folks who had to leave behind livestock and one who had turned their horses loose with a tag giving their telephone number, hoping to recover them later. We have a few members in our local fellowship who were put on alert because of the fires coming their way. This has been some kind of year for us here. They had originally said maybe some rain relief in October and now they are pushing it out to November. Many are actually hoping for a hurricane to come close enough to dump some water on our parched acreage. After dealing with Ike, I'm not ready to join that prayer group but I do know that our God is aware and He will provide for us in His own good time. Bible faith is not a 'hope that it will turn out okay', it is an assurance that regardless of what happens God is still God and we are still who He has declared us to be, His own dear child. Rain or no rain. No matter what! That gives us the strength to get up and go each day where we, by faith, take it one step at a time. Amen.     ....More later.

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