Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday brother!

Welcome to Friday, September 2, 2011. Today I pause to remember my brother, Donald Richard Abbott who would have celebrated his 63rd birthday tomorrow, September 3. We lost Donald this past June after a ten month battle where he struggled to recover from a massive heart attack and traumatic brain injury. Donald was as unique as they come and he seemed always to run on his own set of rails. He was generally a free spirit who made friends easily and pretty much did his own thing, in his own way. As careers go, his 20 year stint as a U. S. Marine reflected a huge part of his life. When he enlisted it was as if he was born to be a Marine. His dream job was that of a Drill Instructor which he did for nearly 12 years. When he hurt his back and was no longer able to be a DI, it was a huge blow to him. Nearly everyday we read about those who wear the uniform of our nation with many of them being killed or wounded. I almost always think about men like Donald who poured into his recruits the fighting spirit and instinct required to survive the worst in battle. Every time I've met a Marine and they learn about my brother being a DI they give him and others like him credit for the training that was given to them. When Donald retired he worked in a number of different industries but he never lost his connection to the Corp. While we continue to mourn his loss, we are also proud of his service to our country. He was a dad, a skilled employee, a beloved son, and many other things, but the bottom line was his identity as a United States Marine. Happy Birthday brother and may God bless our memory of your time here with us. Amen.  
Have a great day, and a great Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. With the Labor Day holiday coming, it would be appropriate for us all to pause and pray for those who are without a job. Until next time may God bless one and all. Amen.                ......More later.

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