Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's hope today becomes a preview of more relief on the way!

It's around 57 degrees here this morning and I really can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for you cold natured people. That doesn't mean I would be ugly about it because I can visualize some of my grand kids digging out jackets this morning. It is Tuesday, September 6, 2011, and I welcome you to our first gasp of a breath of cooler air. Tropical Storm Lee didn't give us rain but sadly it did bring more wind to areas that are prime candidates for wildfires. There's already some deaths recorded from this latest round of destructive fires including a young mother and her child up near Tyler, Texas. Such heartbreak, it reminds me of a young fellow here in our Company who lost his one and only child, a daughter last week to a sudden illness, just one year old. My wife and I attended the cemetery service Sunday afternoon and I can tell you that in my 65 plus years here on the planet I've never been to anything sadder, including the loss of many beloved family members. You read about folks incapacitated because of their grief but seeing this young mom and dad so much in shock and traumatized like they were was almost more than one could take. We pray for the entire Briceno family and ask God to bring a special measure of comfort to these who have lost such a lovely little girl. We left moved by the experience but also reminding each other that in times like this there are no answers, just God and His provision for us. I know that sounds simplistic but it is the only help for those dealing with such a huge loss. May God help is my prayer. Amen.

We had a busy but enjoyable three day stretch. On Saturday we visited mom and dad again to work with them on their new computer set up. They are special people to us and anytime we can spend time with them, it is precious to us. My wife was able to visit her sister in Louisiana who is also recovering from surgery. We fought a huge rainstorm nearly all the way home. NEARLY. It began to tail off the last 50 miles and then about 25 miles out it was like we had switched channels on our outside picture because the sun was out and it was dry as a bone. We were disappointed but also very thankful for the blessings of the much needed rains in so many areas like those in our hometown in Louisiana. Our five year old Alex told me this, "Poppy, your yard is straw!" He is right and we are sad but it has been an experience that helps us all appreciate just what a needy people we are. Without rain, resources begin to dwindle and the residual effects are all around. Like trees dying, animal life changing their routines, and a whole host of people related impacts that hit in the pocketbook. I've never seen a time when the younger generation was more apt to issue a praise report on their social media network when a few drops of rain fall. If that is meant from the heart and they are truly thanking God, then that would be a wonderful result coming about because of this drought. One thing is certain, God knows all about it and He is still the answer. Amen.

We enjoyed a great service Sunday morning at our regular meeting place where our local fellowship shows up to worship God and hear from Him as His word is presented. I introduced our upcoming study in Matthew to my class. I typically try to present a balanced picture of a book like this within the context of the other Gospels in order to harmonize the truths presented and events recorded. I'm not going to do it that way, this time. I want us to read Matthew again, for the first time. I want us to accept it for what it is. The very Word of the Living God and to focus in on exactly what Matthew was saying to those who first read his text, and then by extension to hear what God has to say to us through that same text. It should be rewarding and I am looking forward to how God deals with me and the rest of our class as we study together. If you are not a part of the study of God's Word I highly urge you to become involved because it can be life changing as God works in each heart. We were pretty much low profile on Monday but appreciative of having the day off. Now it is back to our regular routine and let me just say how thankful I am to have one of those, regular routine thingies, because it does mark our day with opportunity and promise, as God directs our steps. Have a great Monday here on a Tuesday and I pray that God will bless us all. Amen.     ......More later.

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