Friday, September 23, 2011

Never too old to learn but it can produce an ouch now and then.

The long awaited Friday, it is here, and I bid you welcome to it on this September 23, 2011. I'm going to try and change the subject today and call it a politics free blog. I'm going to try. That's my objective for today's blog. That is it. Now, the question becomes what to write about. We who are believers know that while the saying that tells us the only things in life we can be sure of is death and taxes is not complete, we also understand what is being communicated. But since death and taxes will tend to tread where I said I wouldn't go today, I will leave that subject for another day. My eldest grandson told me the other day that he had written a paper about how his grandfather mostly treats him like he is two to three years younger than he really is. He said he actually was able to write two pages on the subject which is remarkable since his dyslexia and attention deficit disorder does give him problems in being able to do things like this. It was one of those good news, not-so-sure news feelings. You talking about me? And, of course he was. He is obviously right in terms of how he sees it. At that moment the only thing I could think of was to tell him if I were to treat him like my granddad treated me at 14, then we would both be sweating like there's no tomorrow as we labored over a crosscut saw. Pretty lame? I know, but it caught me off guard. He did agree that maybe the current situation might be an improvement over those wood cutting days, however, I've seen that boy struggle with the blank page and for him to write two pages, I will need to pay attention to how I interact with that young man. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't offended in the least bit because it obviously was important to him, therefore, I will try to do better. Things for me to do: Stop treating my 14 year old grandson like he is still a little kid. Got it!

The Facebook people have gone completely off their rocker. Just about the time everyone gets an idea how to post, respond, and use their system, they up and change the entire format. Maybe it's because you are a little over the hill that you are distressed by these changes. Not even close. People are complaining including the in-the-know younger folks. One website reported that the complaints regarding this latest overhaul of the system may be setting an all time record for complaints. I've always wanted to be a part of setting the record. Where do I sign up? Do I get a T-shirt? Joking only. Thanks to my sweet niece Angela, we finally got the remote support utility function working on mom and dad's new laptop. I can now have access to their desktop and use my mouse to show them what to do when they have a problem. They are brand new to Facebook and now it has changed and I'm not sure how to use the changed version but here I am trying to show my parents how to use it. Did someone send them a memo and ask them to mess around with my mind, or what? Just kidding. Some have commented about it being a free service. Since the folks who invented Facebook are some of the richest people on the planet, there is a huge monetary opportunity in there, somewhere. Advertising, added services, whatever, along with them having the most comprehensive information on some 250 million people, now that my friend, is worth tons. But, in this case, I have no choice. I had said I was going to try and not use this phrase as much as I have in the past but it seems to fit so well: "It is what it is and we will just have to adapt."

Made it to paragraph three and I have not said anything yet about the shenanigans going on in 'you know where'. I do not have plans, that I am aware of, for my Saturday. That may change but it's a pretty good feeling not to have that mental scheduling thingy in my mind working overtime. I will be finishing up my Bible lesson for Sunday and preparing my handout, but, I do that every week, therefore, it's a given. I may sleep late or as I often hear it said, sleep in. I know I heard some of you laughing led by that lady that I've lived with for nearly 47 years. Of course anything past 6 a.m. for me would be like a sleeping medicine overdose. I do have those pesky relatives of mine that sound their own alarm, on their own schedule. Uncle Bursey, (Bursitis), along with cousin Arthur, (Arthritis), they and their many offspring do rattle my bones which works better than an alarm clock. But all of that is rather small compared to so many who have greater challenges in their lives, and, on top of that, God has blessed me to be able to manage all of these things and for this and so much more I give Him thanks and praise. You can do the same. In fact, Lord's Day Sunday will be an excellent day for you and your family to show up at the place where God's people gather to join in praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now that will do a body more good than brand name or generic, or even paper or plastic. I know. That doesn't make sense but it came to me, therefore, I threw it in. May God bless us all until we meet again. Amen.                   ......More later.

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