Tuesday, July 18, 2017

“Some writers aren't writers, they are mere escapees' and refugees' on an exile from the jungle of thoughts.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson, Freelance writer

I've been thinking. I agree. That's always a potentially dangerous thing for me to be doing. As I contemplate what it is ricocheting forth and back in my head, it reminded me of that Willie Nelson song with this line, "That lucky old sun ain't got nothing to do but roll around heaven all day." I know. That doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe not to you. But, that's the way it goes with many of my deep thoughts, they got nothing to do but roll around my head all day. And, this day happens to be Tuesday, July 18, 2017.  What exactly are the thoughts I am talking about? That's a very good question, my friend, very good, indeed. And, at some point and time, I will likely share them, if I haven't already, or if I remember them. With me, you never know because I'm not always sure that I know. However, now that I have thoroughly confused us all including myself, let's see if there is any socially redeeming material left to discuss. And, I do promise to keep you posted on that stuff rolling around all day.

I'm glad my readers do not charge for these therapy sessions. At any rate, we are really living in some pretty weird times. Don't you think so? I don't know where all these shenanigans in Washington will take us, but, seeing them play out each day, well, I really would rather watch sausage being made. One of the things I feared from the get go was when most all of the conservative religious media threw their support behind Trump. I thought it was okay for them to endorse him as a candidate given the choices available, however, they went way beyond that. They are now in the tank and today their daily programming is consumed by their attempts to rationalize all that is happening while still defending their support. I said 'most all'. I'm very glad to report there are outlets that continued to play only Christian programming with preaching, teaching, and music that honors God. That is in keeping with their charter. Those that did jump into the political fray, well, their daily programming now sounds more like what you hear on those flame throwing conservative shows on secular channels. I've observed this development and I fear that it could lead to the proverbial laying down with a pack of dogs and ending up plagued by ticks. Or something like that.

At the viewing time for our dad, a lady came up to me. She acted like I knew her but I didn't. She said she would not be able to attend the service the next day because she needed to support a man's family because he would be undergoing some serious surgery. I told her that was very understandable. She called out the man's name. I told her I knew him very well from more than 50 years ago. She looked puzzled. I told her he had been very influential in my life. She was really wondering now. I explained that way back then he was a contractor doing brick work. I was in-between jobs and I signed on with him to be his helper on doing the brick work on a large residence. I worked with him for two weeks. He was a master brick layer and he could sling mortar and lay bricks almost in a blurred motion. It was my job to keep the bricks coming and to mix the mortar. Back breaking. He was always waiting for me. Two weeks. At the end of that project I made the decision that perhaps administrative and office work was better suited to my inclinations and abilities. I actually had personally thanked him for that very thing when he came to my mom's viewing. He didn't even remember us working together. That's okay, because I do, and I made sure he knew how much I appreciated him for helping to direct my career choices. He laughed. I did too but that doesn't mean I have forgotten the aches and pains from that little adventure. I've told that before but it does seem to surface from time to time. Enjoy the rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. .....More later.

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