Monday, July 10, 2017

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home." ~ (Johann Von Goethe)

Good morning. I'm thankful to be greeting you from my regular spot here at the ole blogger ranch on this back-to-work Monday, July 10, 2017. When I left here on Friday, June 30, I had no idea that I would be gone for so many days. Yet, we had been praying for God's mercy into dad's situation and God showed up and escorted him from this life to the next, Saturday, July 1st, at 3 a.m. It's hard to put into words just how thankful we are for all the thoughts, prayers, and other demonstrations of caring and concern from folks all around. The family does appreciate them all. I know that mom and dad were their own version of their own love story. However, I can enjoy that remembrance without all the romantic quotes from Hallmark like movies. I do appreciate your respect for my sensitivity in that particular area. Thanks. I rolled into the workplace and found the electronic gate code had not been changed. I was encouraged whenever I found my workstation all in tact. Everything seems to be just where I left it. I guess that means I am still on the books as an employee. Yippee!

Because the folks who own our Company have been so gracious, I was able to stay in Louisiana and get a number of matters in the works to help settle mom and dad's affairs. It required many hours of telephone time, electronic menus, disconnects, redials, and oh yeah, my favorite, after waiting 20 minutes, that selection is no longer valid. I knew screaming wouldn't help because that robot answering system is impervious to complaints. The good news is that when I was able to speak to a real person they were genuinely helpful and polite. I was impressed how that everyone I spoke to expressed condolences for our loss. I know. I was dealing with death and that would be a common way to handle it, but, it was still nice to hear those words from a variety of government offices. As much as I love our old home place, there's just something about coming back to our house. It was like a weight was lifted as I came through the door. We've lived in the same house since 1984, but, it's not the structure, it's where we live, it's us, it's home.

It may take me a while to get my moorings but I've already heard about several things I have on my agenda this morning. Good. That, after all, is what I showed up for. I do hope that you have a most wonderful day and that God will help us all to look to Him to meet all our needs. Take care and may God bless. Amen. .....More later.

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