Thursday, July 6, 2017

A fitting tribute to a man who well served during his time here on the planet.

Good morning. I am still here at the old home place here in Hornbeck, Louisiana, on this Thursday, July 6, 2017. It was my privilege along with my brother Victor to stand up and speak on behalf of our dad. I'm not sure any of us had a total understanding of all that he contributed to his country, his family, and his Church. This all became clear as we looked at his life with perspective. His close friend and neighbor, Bro. Jesse Buck, retired US Army Chaplain, with the rank of Command Sergeant Major, did the sermon where he highlighted role model traits from the Scriptures mirrored in dad's life. The honor service at the Veterans Cemetery at Fort Polk, included a 21 gun salute and the playing of taps. It was a fitting service, not only to honor his memory, but to challenge us all to think seriously about how we are using the life God has given to us. Food for thought my friend, food for thought. Amen.

Much was said about mom and dad as a couple. They were something else! A few years ago the ladies at the Church made dad and others quilts to honor their service to our nation. At the presentation ceremony, the ladies put the quilt around dad and then surrounded him and prayed over him. I remember mom being very upset that all those ladies were that close to her man. How funny is that? Like I say, they were something else! The two of them, a team, did much good for many people during their nearly 40 years together. I think that might be the greatest lesson to us all. As the writer of the Book of James put it, (my paraphrase), Talk is cheap. What you do is what tells the story, not what you say. These two had that one covered.

Now for a little bit of a prejudiced view of one of my favorite parts of dad's service. My baby sister Kayla who passed away in 1978 would have been so proud of her eldest, Stacy, along with my wife, Marilyn, who sang a most beautiful song, accompanied by the wife's sister on the piano, Dorothy. I'm talking harmony. The real stuff. No auto-tune or gimmicks, just beautiful voices giving testimony to the fact that there is just something about that name, the name of Jesus. I had to throw that one in. Have a great rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ......More later.

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