Monday, July 24, 2017

"But if you figure in the wind chill factor, it’s only 102." ~ Dave Marr, professional golfer

They tell us that it will be hotter this week. The other day when I was out and about I visited a business for about 30 minutes. When I returned to the truck it was as if the air conditioning system had gone on strike. It took a good five minutes for him to start blowing cool air. I think while I was away he must have been secretly listening to the latest tirade by Al Gore. My point? It was hot. This week will be even more so. My thought immediately went to the little ones who have lost their lives because they were left in a vehicle. I was only gone for 30 minutes. Sad beyond belief. But, it is the reality of life, and death, here in these United States where today we celebrate back-to-work Monday on this July 24, 2017. I am glad to be here again sitting in my regular chair banging on the keyboard while visions of wasted keystrokes dance in my head. With God's provision, I will soon hit that three score and ten plus one in my sojourn here. I've thought a lot about life after the regular routine I've been on for so long. My home office is upstairs. Directly above our bedroom. My wife is not an early person. Even on my best behavior, I will likely create too much noise. She doesn't always sleep well and I would never want to interfere when she is able to sleep. Moving my office is an option but there are complications. Can't really move the bedroom. Life is filled with so many challenges. Meanwhile, I take solace in knowing that right now I'm not distracting or disturbing anyone because I'm the only one here.

I do know exactly what some of you are thinking. If this is the worst problem I have, I need to be thankful. I agree. The one other option I have thought about is a scary one. What if I change my regular routine? Just writing that caused a sudden burst of recollection. Many years ago when we thought I might have heart trouble, the doctor said my heart was fine but the bursitis-like pain was severe and then he jokingly added, "The thought alone could kill you." That's what hit me when the thought of rearranging my routine came up. What I am talking about is learning to sleep late or at least, later. I'm the first to admit that typically being up no later than 3:30 a.m., each morning is not for everyone. I have on a few Saturdays stayed in bed until 7 a.m. It required a forced manipulation of my habitual instinct and the hitting of the snooze button on my arthritis prone hips which have their own built in alarm clock. I proved, however, that it can be done. The other consideration has to do with quality of life issues. My routine is not your routine. Yours is not mine. But, the one I am on works for me. Thus far, I continue to be able to function at a reasonable level. I consistently sleep well. Bottom line, it works for me. Maybe I can get something different to work for me. We will see.

These concerns don't really amount to that much, but, they do give me something to talk about on a Monday morning. And, if you think these are things that mostly only old people concern themselves with, well, I've got an answer for that. I've been around long enough to see those who thought retirement issues were a joking matter get all bent out of shape as they neared the finish line. I can't remember how many times I have heard this one, "Man if I had only known that's how it works." Just last week I talked to a fellow who thought he was all ready for early retirement. He wanted to keep working but significantly cut down on the number of hours each week. Bam! He suddenly discovered the potential penalty associated with those who take their Social Security early. You would have thought Henny Penny had shown up and the sky was falling. I tried to reason with him on options he might consider, but, he was too busy practicing his hand wringing. Maybe there's a competition coming up soon. See what I mean? It's never an issue until it is. Just saying. Okay. Now that we have that left unsettled, I finish by encouraging us all to make the most of the day, this day, that the Lord has given. Amen. ....More later..

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